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30 juli: Schläfchen

Schläfchen: nap

We have had a number of Schläfchen since our arrival in Switzerland.

Alena, Johnatan, Nick, Shawn, Patrick, and I piled into a single train compartment for the twelve hour overnight train ride from Vienna to Sargons, Switzerland. We left at 9PM with a scheduled arrival of 9AM – but I promise we only had Schläfchen on that train. Six people crammed into one little room for the night was a little crowded, but we managed to stretch out just enough for little catnaps. When we arrived in Netstal after a long hike in Bad Ragaz, the story was the same – we all fell asleep in one bed for an hour or so, for just a little Schläfchen.

Vienna has tired me out, but its the good kind of tired, when you feel as though you’ve accomplished something and earned your sleep. And while people keep rousing me to see sunsets or do hikes (which I will do gerne!), I definitely feel as though I need some shuteye and relaxation after my EuroTrip. I’m excited to head home in equal measure with my sadness to see it all end.

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