Class Observation

The type of observation we were doing as a class was very unique. This is because we blended in perfectly to our setting. We were students doing work on a college campus. This is something you see every single day and would not be very noticeable to people just walking by. This way of note-taking, I believe, is NOT at all different from how we live everyday life. We all make these observations in our heads while we are walking throughout the campus. We are always aware of our surroundings, the only difference in what we did, is that we are actually doing something with the information we are obtaining.
Having done this exercise in class, some challenges I see facing in ethnographic observation are that if people realize they are being observed, they will act completely different than how they would if they thought nobody was watching. For our first writing assignment, we need to blend in as much as possible so we can get the most accurate representation of how people act in a certain place. For example, if I were to go to a starbucks to observe, I would sit down with my laptop and a coffee. That is the normality of what you see students doing at a starbucks. If I were to go in and sit down without having any coffee, it may seem off putting to some people.

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