Assignments Week 10

DUE M Nov 2

For Friday (last week) you practiced using Google like a Pro, using the Library Guide.  ( You found a highly relevant article using these “pro” search tips (listserve, +, -, /), and took a screen shot of your search that was most fruitful, and copied the full citation of the article you located. (if you found a listserv, copy the url if possible, or take a screen shot of relevant comments in the listserv).

Google Like a Pro Research Post:  (New and old nuggets):  At the top of this blog post, include a screen shot of the search you did on Google using one of the Google Like a Pro search tips.  Include a full citation of the article you read.  If you read a listserv, include a screen shot or two of several relevant comments on the listserv that addressed your research topic.

Re-read or review this article (or listserv) looking for one section of the article that intersects in some way with a previous source. Return to the previous source as well. In your blog post, copy one nugget from the new article and one nugget from the previously read article (that is NOT the same nugget you’ve already blogged about)

After copying both nuggets, work to discuss both writer’s viewpoints by carefully articulating how these two nuggets build upon, expand, or challenge one another.  These means tease apart differences in writer assumptions, concerns, claims, or evidence.  Give your analysis of these two nuggets (old and new) your most careful attention in this post.

DUE W Nov 4

Now that you’ve read at least 6 sources and written about them in your blog, it is time to step back and sift through what you’ve learned, trying to identify themes or trends you see emerging from your research.  This is a necessary step in writing the claim to your IP essay, as well as deciding on how to structure your essay.

Review: your first six highly relevant scholarly (video and Google) articles looking for trends in their findings.  Search for trends in claims made, objections, concerns, methodologies, biases, limitations of studies, etc.   Visually represent the trends to the class in one powerpoint slide. See link to a model below.  Make sure you include your research question at the top of the slide (as the model does).  This assignment requires that you go back through your six articles again and make connections between the scholar’s work and your emerging answers to your research question, based on the range of information in your research.

See this Research Trends Slide for a model from a former student (note she only used 5 sources, and you will use six.  Include research question and five trends.

Post:  Post your Research Trends slide in a blog post titled “RESEARCH TRENDS SLIDE.”


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.48.21 PM

DUE F Nov 6

Comment:  Comment on 3 of your peer’s Research Trends Powerpoint Slides.  Leave a reply on their posts.  Ask questions about the trends, and speculate about how the trends can help the writer answer his/her research question.

Draft:  Draft the introduction to your IP Project.  (Assignment forthcoming)