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How do I live online?

I’m an avid user of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, if it’s popular, I’m probably on it. Facebook is my favorite because not only do I get all the news of current events from there I’m also able to watch hilarious videos. My family will always ask what new videos I have to show them when I come home from VCU. I also really enjoy using Snapchat with my friends. It’s fun to send pictures that can only be viewed for a certain time, plus I’m able to add emojis or text. It’s genius. I do think that social media has become a problem in today’s society. It’s sad to see people only looking at their phones instead of conversing with each other. I’m guilty of this sometimes, but I try not to be on my phone if I’m with my family or my boyfriend. There’s only so much time you can spend with your loved ones.

My one remarkable story about Facebook is that I first talked to my significant other on this platform. It’s kind of how we met. I was a freshman in high school, still pretty shy, and he was a new student that moved to Virginia from New York. We would see each other around school and smile, but nothing more until we became “Facebook friends.”

(As I type this I’m a little embarrassed) How do I live online?

He didn’t have a phone so our only way of communication was through Facebook, so I was constantly on, browsing my feed. I became addicted to checking my profile and I had to limit myself from how many times I went online in a certain period. That was a very dark place…How do I live online?

But I finally realized life needed to be lived, not browsed, and instead of hiding behind the computer we both went on dates and are still together to this day. I guess you could say that Facebook was our


How it feels when I think

I think constantly. It is sometimes even hard to concentrate  because I am thinking about so many things all at once. I feel like sometimes I drown in my own thoughts, and sometimes I feel like I can’t come up with any thoughts to save my life. It all depends on the day and mood I’m in. I think there is a huge difference in the way humans and computers “think.” Computers are meticulous and have been programmed to function a certain way. While there may be a similarity between humans being taught how to act by their parents and programmed computers, I think that’s where the similarities end. We, as humans, feel emotions and act on impulse and think freely. I definitely know that I am an emotional thinker, and my heart and mind are connected at all times. Humans are empathetic and have the ability to sympathize with others, something computers cannot do. I do not believe there could even be a way to program computers to do that without it ending like some crazy action movie with robots taking over the world.


Thinking thinkers think

After going through the thought vector site, the word “think” doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore. I have spent the last two days trying my hardest to understand how to use this website and man, has it been difficult. I finally figured out that I needed to go to to see all the blogs! All I can say is WOW, there is so much thinking going on all over this site! It was awesome to see how many posts there are and I can’t wait to read more of them and actually get a hang of this rampages site. I’m exceptionally excited to share my own thoughts on topics throughout this course. I am usually quiet in the classroom until I warm up a bit but thankfully I feel free to think my thoughts out loud here on the web!