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Final Blog Post

          This course taught me a lot about how to get things done through the Internet. Whether it was just for fun or if its for work or research. Normally when I need to look something up or when I need a quick answer, Google is my right hand man. However, in this course I learned that the way you word your search makes the biggest difference. Basically, this course taught me the proper way to use the incredible resource that we have…the computer.

         Our readings gave us background on the computer, its development, the idea behind the development of google, and how online learning affects our education system. Along with learning about the digital world and where it came from, I learned the tricks on how to use it to my advantage. Not only did I get tips from this course, I learned a lot about myself as well.

            Because we were encouraged to think outside of the box and to use our creative minds I discovered a whole new writing style in myself. I learned more about what helps me think creatively. MindMaps would be one example. I learned that there is always a question that can be asked, regardless of how obvious the answer is. The deeper you dig, the further you go, right?

            Overall, this was a tough course. We were definitely pushed to think and get our creative juices flowing. However, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s challenging but it is not overwhelming since we are kept interested throughout. The fact that we had our peers to give us feedback on our posts was very helpful. Most of the changes I made or the ideas I got were suggestions from fellow students. I also loved how I would receive comments from you, professor Boaz. It was reassuring to know that you actually have interest in our work, and its not just and assignment. Your passion for teaching shows, even through an online course and that’s what I think made us students try our best to do the best we can. To conclude- thank you for the great learning experience.

4 Reason Why Attractive Women are Treated Differently in the Workplace


1- The Halo Effect

  • People who are tall, physically fit, and facially symmetrical are often times more successful than others in the workplace. Some research proves that attractive women are 10-15 percent more successful that their less attractive colleagues. This is due to the “halo effect”. People often think that attractive individuals are smarter, funnier, kinder or more athletic than average looking people.

2- The Bimbo Effect

4 Reason Why Attractive Women are Treated Differently in the Workplace

  • Good looking women may have to work harder to prove their competence especially in male dominated settings. They are seen as untrustworthy and are taken less seriously.

3- More prone to sexual harassment

4 Reason Why Attractive Women are Treated Differently in the Workplace

  • Attractiveness aside, all women attractive or not, are discriminated somehow in the workplace. On top of the discrimination, attractive women must deal with sexual harassment as well.

4- Chances of getting hired

4 Reason Why Attractive Women are Treated Differently in the Workplace

  • While attractive men may be considered better leaders, for instance, implicit sexist prejudices can work against attractive women, making them less likely to be hired for high-level jobs that require authority. For example, attractiveness may not help women in politics and may be a disadvantage for women trying to achieve higher managerial positions in the workplace. Both of these may be a consequence of the tendency to view attractive females as more feminine and thus less likely to hold the more masculine-related traits associated with those positions. And as you might expect, good-looking people of both genders run into jealousy – one study found that if you are interviewed by someone of the same sex, they may be less likely to recruit you if they judge that you are more attractive than they are.

Real Estate

I am going to call my “real estate” Does it Pay to be Pretty? I also chose to publish my final project on rampages. This is because i am already familiar with the site. I will be able to customize my final product from everything starting with the theme to the layout to my liking.

Google Like a Pro

New Nugget

“A recent study shows a disturbing conclusion: being an attractive man was an advantage in all jobs sought, while being an attractive woman was considered a disadvantage in many professions.  “

Old Nugget

“Theoretically, male beauty evokes perceptions of leadership, while female beauty stirs untrustworthiness when their work performance is singled out from a group.”

These nuggets are very similar. Actually, i chose this nugget from the new article because i had read a similar nugget in almost every article that i have researched on this topic. Men get rewarded for their looks, they’re seen as leaders, intelligent, and more competent. However, beautiful women and aren’t seen in the same light. Good looking women must either work extra hard to prove their competence or down play their beauty. These nuggets are essentially the same. Good looking women are untrustworthy, dumb, or down right incapable of doing the job. However, good looking men are more qualified for the job. The new article goes on to state that recent studies have found that good looking women were discriminated against and their beauty was considered a detriment when applying for jobs traditionally identified as male jobs, such as the manager of research and development, director of finance, mechanical engineer and construction supervisor. It showed that attractive women tended to be sorted into more “traditionally female” positions like receptionist or secretary.  Not only do women have to work harder to be taken seriously, especially in male dominated workplaces, but they also have to change their personal style and their appearance to be qualified for a job. It’s a confusing cycle- look to good and you aren’t competent, look bad and you won’t be hired.

Concept Experience 8

Reading through all of the comments I think majority of the class agrees that Tubb’s essay is very clear and well written and the use of personal experience makes it more engaging and relatable, therefore I was not lost or uninterested in any part of his essay. One of my peers comments that struck out to me was “I agree that social media is a great platform to speak out your own voice, but I don’t think that you voice will be heard ALL ROUND THE WORLD. .”  written by jaffeywang. I feel like we tend to forget that there is more to the world than just the western world. Women’s rights and feminism is a big problem here, however, it is a bigger problem in other parts of the world. Consider the middle east and how oppressed the women there are. However, I know from personal experience that many women in some parts of the Middle East slowly, but surely do have access to the Internet and do use these tools to their advantage. For example, several months ago a young woman was beaten to death on the streets of Afghanistan by hundreds of men. Women all throughout Afghanistan started to protest and demanded justice for the young girl and her family. Years ago, this would not have been able to happen. These people are educating themselves from the Internet and learning about how they can act on their rights. Although, there are still places in the world where people do not have access to this sort of information, we can remind ourselves that eventually there will be a way and that social media will be the way to get that information across.

-Tubb writing style is what has the reader’s attention. His use of words and his format is more laid back. It is more relatable, it looks and sounds less like a research paper and more like an article that would be found on Huffington post. It seemed like he was actually interested in his research which made the writing more passionate.

– Tubbs started his paper with personal experiences, which led him to his topic: feminism. By doing this, he keeps his audience intrigued and allows them to relate to his experience. They also get more background on his views on the issue before and after his research. He explains how his use of social media changed his opinions, and how important the role of social media is on society today. They also get more background on his views on the issue before and after his research.

– I was most interested in the “Marginalized Minds” section because it really branches off the whole personal experience and uses many factors to support his ideas.

Video Research Nugget Post

A look at how Attractiveness Affects the Workplace

Newsy. ( Sep 11, 2015). A look at how attractiveness affects the workplace. . retrieved from


This video was the first video i was able to find on my topic. The video was posted on by Newsy. I had never heard of Newsy before so when i did some research i learned that it is a multi source video news service that highlights perspectives from various media outlets and packages them into concise easy to digest news bites. I found the source reliable since they do mention the sources in which they get their statistics and facts from and majority of the sources are well known trusted sources like CNN.

One of the first things mentioned in the beginning of the video was that “time and time again it has been proven that people who are tall, physically fit, and facially symmetrical are often times more successful than the others in their workplace”. This is what my topic is all about. My questions are, how are they more successful? what can we do to fix this issue? is there anything being done? and is being attractive more of a benefit when it comes to the workplace or is it a downfall?  I have these questions because i have gotten mixed thoughts and answers from all the research that i have previously done. Some say it is an advantage for women, and others say that it is harder for attractive women to be successful because they have to work harder to prove competence. This video clip helped me answer a lot of my questions.

” A London Guildhall study found that attractive people make as much as 11-15% more than less attractive co-workers”.

 Although, i had read that attractive people were more successful in the workplace, this quote still stuck out to me. I assume its because no other article, video or link mentioned numbers. This made it hard to understand exactly how much more successful they are and in which ways.  Like i mentioned before, some of my research states attractiveness is a pro for women in the workplace and some states that it is a con. The video mentions the Halo Effect, which is when people often think that attractive people are smarter, funnier, kinder and more athletic than average looking people. I guess this would be a pro. however, they also mention the Bimbo Effect, meaning good looking women may have to work harder to prove their competence especially in a male dominated workplace. Women already have to deal with many hardships when it comes to work. So the fact that the have to work even harder just because of their looks it not fair. since majority of these women have to work harder to prove themselves, maybe its okay that their getting a higher pay. right?

Towards the end of the video, it is mentioned that only few US cities have protective laws against discrimination based on appearance. This answered my question about whether anything is being done about this issue. Clearly their is, but its unfortunate that it is not seen as a bigger issue. I learned that some corporations are switching up their hiring process to something similar to the show “The Voice”. Companies have started doing blind interviews in their hiring process so that applicants are judged solely on their job skills.

I can use a lot of what i learned from this video in my IP project. The amount of questions that were answered from such a short clip was remarkable. I just received so much new information that i can grow off of.

 Beauty in sports: Why looks shouldn’t come first for female athletes

Goot, Alexandar. (Aug 22nd 2015). Beauty in sports: Why looks shouldn’t come first for female athletes. Retrieved from


This article and video clip were found on The article discusses beauty in sports which i found interesting since one of my ebsco scholarly articles were based on this very topic.

“when a female athlete is unbeatable, she gets accused of being manly”.


“Rousey is a man amongst women”

this is so unfortunate that if a woman is great at the sport she is doing she is too “manly”, but if she is bad at it then she isn’t doing her job. It seems like a lose-lose situation. One of the examples that the video used when this was mentioned was Serena Williams. It is easily said that she is the best of the best, however, even other competitors whisper about how she is “un-feminin” before competitions. Why is her appearance a factor? she’s good at what she does. this is all that should matter.

“you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t as a female athlete; Dominate your sport and be considered a man or be part of the pack and only get attention if you’re considered attractive.”

One part of the video mentions how Tom Brady is the “poster child” because of his looks, however, he is seen as a great athlete first, then as Gizelles hubby, then as an alleged cheater. His good looks fit in somewhere after all of those. However, its not the same for female athletes. They mention Anna Kornikova and how she was one of the best doubles tennis players, however, many don’t know that because they only knew her because of her looks. She was popular amongst men but that was not because of her scores.