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#thoughtvectors Metaphor

This class for me at the beginning was just like the first time I came to america. I was confused by the assignments, I didn’t know the right thing to do, and it took me forever to read articles. However, i was encouraged by my boyfriend who’s an american. He helps me a lot with understanding the assignments and also he told me to read articles word by word so that once i get used to it, i can read it easily. One thing i improved the most is reading skills i think. For me, 4 months of class just like these four years in America. it was though, but i got over it. i learned to do things that I’m interested in to make life easier and to make the assignments more interesting. The most rememberable blog post i can think of is when i introduced “Wechat”. It makes me feel like I’m sharing my culture to all my peers. I enjoyed it.

I also learned to do work separately. The inquiry project i chose was something i am interested in and i want to know more about, so every time when i wrote any blog post for my project, i would think how to write it and try to make it a good part of my final project. This helped me save a lot of time for the finial project because i already had an outline for the finial project.

Revising a sub-claim

“Psychotic internet”


Problematic internet use can cause future serious mental illness.  This is one of the reasons why we should stop using internet in a negative way. In Mittal, Dean and Pelletier’s research, they defined the term, “problematic Internet use (e.g. Internet addiction and/or using the Internet several hours a day for non-work-related activities)”. Internet addiction is a kind of psychological problem. Different people  have different reactions to Internet addiction and sometimes it can cause psychotic depression or psychotic symptom. It appears most in adolescent.  Mittal, Dean and  Pelletier started an experiment to study and analysis consequences of internet addiction and reality substitute also refer to as problematic internet use. This is first study shows that as problematic internet use increase, psychotic-like experiences (PLE) in the general population increase. An example of PLE from the article is “fleeting auditory hallucinations”. If you have psychotic experiences, you will more like develop psychotic disorder. The study find out that if we reduce problematic internet behavior to stop those people from having psychotic experience, then they might not get psychotic disorder. From their study Internet addiction, reality substitution and longitudinal changes in psychotic-like experiences in young adults, Mittal, Dean and Pelletier conclude:


“Indeed, recent reports that Internet addiction is associated with significant brain changes in areas that are also highly implicated with schizophrenia and PLEs, suggest that problematic Internet use may be placing further strain on an already compromised neural system.”


Internet addiction would cause brain changes which associates the schizophrenia area. So the internet addiction can cause more serious neural ill. For those people who already had PLEs, problematic internet use would cause further serious mental disorder. On the other hand, for a lot of normal people, psychotic disorder can be a potential mental disorder because a lot of us have problematic internet behavior such as using the internet so much or substitute the reality with internet. As we living in 21 century, young adults are fascinated by the internet, we use it to communicate, take pictures, listen to musics, do research and so on. We might somehow think about it as a bad thing, but we never aware that it can cause deeper mental ill.


According to Mittal, Dean and Pelletier, “One interpretation is that continued problematic Internet use is associated with worsening PLEs whereas a cease in problematic Internet use corresponds with an accompanying improvement in PLEs.” The research shows that internet addiction would cause brain changes which associates the schizophrenia area. So the internet addiction can cause more serious neural ill. A lot of normal people have problematic internet behavior such as using the internet so much or substitute the reality with internet, those people would have PLEs which can cause further serious mental disorder.



A video about treating internet addiction in China among young kids.

4 reason why ….

4 reason why we should stop problematic internet use.

reason #1: Internet will take us away from what we’re doing. For instance, using the Internet while we’re driving distracts us from paying attention on the road will cause accident.


reason #2 : too much internet use would cause mental disorder like psychotic depression or psychotic symptom.

4 reason why ….


reason #3: Internet separates people mentally. It stops us from having conversation in person. We become more isolated because we lose our ability to communicate and our emotion which I consider one of the most important things as a human being.

4 reason why ….


reason #4: Our real world is far more beautiful than the online world. We should see more and appreciate more of the real world when we still young instead spending all the time on just a limited sized screen.

4 reason why ….


“Real Estate” Search

I choose weebly because I like Justin’s weebly website. It looks clean and organized. Personally, if i’m reading a long article, I would prefer a clean page with good organization. I found that weebly provides more different layouts. I tried several different ones but some of them i just couldn’t understand it and it seems complicated, so I thought that if the website is complicated to me, maybe it will confuse my reader. The one I have now which is the same as justin’s seems more suitable for me. I also want my introduction and body paragraph separated because i think it would be easier for reader to understand. That’s why i chose weebly as my platform. I may try more different layouts while i’m having my finial project.

BETA draft of IP introduction

Perhaps beginning in 2007 is when I’ve had my first contact with the internet. It has been 8 years now. From a Samsung desktop computer to a macbook. As Science and technology have developed, so has the Internet. My first desktop computers was purchased in 2008. It was my second year in middle school, and it was a gift from my mom. As a middle school student, the computer was just for playing games occasionally to complete homework. I also had a Sony phone at that time. In that rebellious period, I would hide my cell phone in my desk when I was in some boring class that I was not interested in. I used it to chat sneakily. Not with my classmates, but with some online“friends” from different cities whom I met online. At that time, the internet was a very fascinating thing. It allows you to chat with people from all over the country without making move. Gradually, I started getting addicted to the Internet, playing games or writing adolescent blog posts rather than talking to friends or family in person. I preferred to write my thoughts on the internet freely without limitation. Many times those classmates from real life who were like strangers to me would comment on my blog. But even so, the internet was still more like a tool for me when my life was not fully occupied… Until 2011, when I came to the United States.

Even though ive been learning English since I was in kindergarten being in this country still makes me nervous because of different cultures, different traditions, different looks and different languages. I am a slow person. A little amount of time is not sufficient for me to become friends with others. So contacting my family and friends through the internet become an indispensable part in my life in the U.S. There are probably more than 10 hours everyday when my computer is opened. My phone is fully charged all the time because I would feel very lonely or awkward without it. I dont like socializing anymore. I am more interested in watching Chinese films online. Weibo (Chinese twitter) and wechat (Chinese chat app) has became a communication bridge between my family, my friends and me because I do not have a lot of local friends. I do not know if it is because I am too reliant on the internet, or I just have trouble make friends.

Recently an Australian girl named Essena O’neill is in the news because she told everyone about her real life behind the internet. In order to be able to post a perfect photo on the Internet, she was at the expense of several hours of putting on makeup just so she can be able to take a seeming perfect photo. Some photos may seem relaxing, but no one knows it was on purpose. Until recently she decided to quit social media because she realized it is not reality.

I am able to see my own shadow in her experience. Although I am not a famous Instagram user, I often take pictures and Photoshop them just to post on the Internet for a few likes. I am seemingly happy every day, but the fact is that real life is a lot of pressure. There is a saying in china that goes“my phone eats before me”. It describes those people who likes to take pictures of food before they eat it. The internet has gradually gotten us used to the virtual world through playing games, socializing, watching movies or studying. Who ever thinks of what the consequences are of problematic internet use?



“We may stop ‘needing’ or craving real social interactions because they may become foreign to us,” Aboujaoude explains.

Kim, M. (2015, February 18). The Good and the Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality. Retrieved from

I’m thinking about focussing on how problematic internet use in the virtual world has a negative impact in reality and calling on people to care more about the reality and less about the internet. That’s why i chose this sentence because I think this sentence is the worst case scenario for using technology to remove us from reality.

“Reality is boring media are magnetic.”

citation: GOZZI JR., R. (2013). REALITY IS BORING. MEDIA ARE MAGNETIC. ETC: A Review Of General Semantics70(3), 288-289. Retrieved from

This is another key idea i was thinking about because magnetic media is why we are attracted to it. it cause problematic internet use. this sentence gives an overall conclusion and reason why we are obsessed with internet.

I think i will include both key idea in my final paper.

Google like a pro research post


According to Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, a Stanford psychiatrist and author of Virtually You, The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality, immersive 3-D will only be the latest manifestation of technology’s heavy role in our social lives and well-being. “To some degree, this has already happened with the Internet and social media,” Aboujaoude says, “where we can have a ‘full life’ [online] that can be quite removed from our own.” It is possible, however, that virtual reality may drastically change a person’s social and emotional needs over time. “We may stop ‘needing’ or craving real social interactions because they may become foreign to us,” Aboujaoude explains. “It doesn’t mean that they can’t make our lives better; it means that we, as a culture, are no longer aware of them and of their positive effects on our lives, because we are so immersed in virtual life and have been for some time.” He compares this change to the one experienced by digital natives, whose perception of a healthy social life has been shaped by platforms like Facebook and Gchat.


When I spoke at TED in 1996, reporting on my studies of the early virtual communities, I said, “Those who make the most of their lives on the screen come to it in a spirit of self-reflection.” And that’s what I’m calling for here, now: reflection and, more than that, a conversation about where our current use of technology may be taking us, what it might be costing us. We’re smitten with technology. And we’re afraid, like young lovers, that too much talking might spoil the romance. But it’s time to talk. We grew up with digital technology and so we see it as all grown up. But it’s not, it’s early days. There’s plenty of time for us to reconsider how we use it, how we build it. I’m not suggesting that we turn away from our devices, just that we develop a more self-aware relationship with them, with each other and with ourselves.

Aboujaoude in Kim’s article says that virtual reality will obviously affect our social lives and well-being. This has kind of already happened with social media because we can have a completely different life online than we have in the real world. Virtual reality could change what someone wants or needs. We might not want real world interaction anymore because it is not what we’re used to in online world. Social networking sites have changed our generation’s idea of good social life than other generations who didn’t grow up with the internet.
Sherry was saying that when the internet has just begun to spread, we were using it in a kind of self-reflection way. At that time the internet was just a tool, it was not enough to form a complete alternative virtual world to the real world of. But not what it was, and now the network is not just only a tool, but our virtual life partner, a partner can substitute reality partners. We were drawn to him. This immense virtual world gave us a lot that real life can not give us. With the popularity of the network, we are now able to switch freely in both worlds without any self-reflection.
Kim and Turkle both have the same point that the virtual world (social media, video game, online life) began to slowly replace contact and relationship between people in the reality. This is not to say that the virtual world is necessarily bad, but that we need to take self-awareness to use this virtual online world. In fact, many people know and worried that one day the technology or the internet will replace all contacts between people, but we still can not do without it. Just as we now need to use internet and computer to do this project. The network is essential with the development of civilization and technology. We can’t deny it brought us convenience. But we must know that the direct communication between people is the most fundamental culture of civilization.
Kim, M. (2015, February 18). The Good and the Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality. Retrieved from

Turkle, Sherry.(Feb. 2012.) “Connected, but Alone?” Online Video. TED Talks.


Concept Expensive 8

Marina said:”In Brazil they had the national “SATs” which had, for the first time, two questions (one MC and one essay, which is the most valuable part of the test point-wise) about Feminism. The organization behind the test made millions of young adults think about topics such as violence against women, sexual assault, misogyny and so on. This would have never happened 10, 15 years ago, and a lot of people credit this societal change to the people who use the Internet to denounce the ever-so common “machismo” that women suffer from daily in Brazil.” She gave an example to prove that people online can even change the culture so that now people in Brazil can talk about feminism and women issues and even have a test question about it. I know internet is powerful, but i never thought it could literally change something like what i mention in my own comment, the Chinese government would block you from seeing new about feminism. I always like to compare two different culture because this is my advantage. I know how China is and now see how the United State is. Sometime i admire these countries where people can really make a change no matter in real life or online. At least if they work toward it, they will make a difference. But as a Chinese, I can’t, at least not that easy and at least not online. To be an online activism or slactivism seems impossible to me. In this case, internet just a tool to relax. In my own final project, i hope i can add my own experience in it.


Key concept:

  • “Online organization, offline action”
  • “A place for marginalized minds”
  • social medias give you more audience (followers) or antis as a public platfrom


He was very clear about his key concept. Honestly i think that the titles of each sections are his key concepts. I summarized two sections (the naysayers, a feminist forum for the masses) into the last concept I wrote. When i read it again, i think that all these concepts are the climax. He’s really passion about this topic. I can’t pick any specific sentence because i think his article is calling for attention on feminism and addressed that we should take social media as a platform seriously. He wants his voice to be heard.

He didn’t lose me as a reader at all because each sections are closely concentrate to the main idea of his article. I am most interested in that he made me realize that even if the online world is virtual, but those people who at the computer can change the real world through the network. Just like how he addressed his topic, feminism is a real world issue but gets attentions online.

Video Research Nugget Post

Turkle, Sherry.(Feb. 2012.) “Connected, but Alone?” Online Video. TED Talks.


Sherry Turkle is the professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology study in science and technology. She has written several books about the relationship between human and technology base on psychology. My topic is about the negative impact of science and technology, to simplified is that how science and technology has changed what we are and how we live.


Why does this matter? It matters to me because I think we’re setting ourselves up for trouble — trouble certainly in how we relate to each other, but also trouble in how we relate to ourselves and our capacity for self-reflection. We’re getting used to a new way of being alone together. People want to be with each other, but also elsewhere — connected to all the different places they want to be. People want to customize their lives. They want to go in and out of all the places they are because the thing that matters most to them is control over where they put their attention. So you want to go to that board meeting, but you only want to pay attention to the bits that interest you. And some people think that’s a good thing.But you can end up hiding from each other, even as we’re all constantly connected to each other.


She explained that even though we are physically with each other, we are mentally separated. When did we become so independent? I think is when social network became widely used. I think the negative effects of using internet and also it’s the biggest obstacle among the people is that we are no longer able to talk to people with open heart and no longer know how to confide and listen. Because we they think that maybe email or text message will be more convenient. Facebook or twitter perhaps will catch more attention. When we complained to a person, we can only get this one person’s reflection, sometimes maybe two or three people. But when we use the social media to complain, we can find ourselves receive more attention and more resonance. This is when we prefer to use the network to express ourselves instead of face to face conversation. When a person is angry or upset, he/she needs timely consolation and also understanding, this is the time to use internet because it’s easy to reach anyone, anytime and anywhere, but at meanwhile, we lose those people in the real life who are supporting us. We lose the chance to take to them with open heart and the chance to be more closer.


“How do you get from connection to isolation? You end up isolated if you don’t cultivate the capacity for solitude, the ability to be separate, to gather yourself. Solitude is where you find yourself so that you can reach out to other people and form real attachments. When we don’t have the capacity for solitude, we turn to other people in order to feel less anxious or in order to feel alive. When this happens, we’re not able to appreciate who they are. It’s as though we’re using them as spare parts to support our fragile sense of self. We slip into thinking that always being connected is going to make us feel less alone. But we’re at risk, because actually it’s the opposite that’s true. If we’re not able to be alone, we’re going to be more lonely. And if we don’t teach our children to be alone, they’re only going to know how to be lonely.”


I never thought the negative impact of the network could be that we become reluctant to communicate with each other. It is UNWILLING to communicate rather than no communication. I think it’s probably because the real life is boring, like what Gozzi mention that as people are now walking down the street can not do without their cell phones. In fact, we are more into escapism, but we want to isolate us look less lonely. But sherry was right that if we do not learn how to be alone, we will end up become lonely. If we want to ease the lonely moment through the Internet, then we will lose the chance to communicate with others. So that we will become more and more lonely. I can’t image if we keep using our phone to socialize, what the world will look like? A zombie world with no emotion, no laugh, no talk and no connections. This is the worst negative impact i could think of. 



This is the example that Sherry gave to show how people connected but alone. This the picture of her daughter and her friends were hanging out in her daughter’s room. People become to internet’s slaves. Today, more and more people rely on the internet too much, we often check text message while we are talking to someone and more frequent pay more attention on the cell phone instead of class. Internet alienating distance between friends,family and us. We can not deny the convenience of a internet, but also because of the characteristics of internet, so that people over-reliance on it to communicate.
We are using internet to contact those people who are farther away from us, by the same time we lose attention on those people who around us. It’s no wonder why people decreased ability to communicate, not even a smile or make an eye contact. Along with this the problem of mental health growing up. When you attend a party, each person holding a cell phone to call, send text messages or socializing, you will feel the phone is really deeply alienating from the people.