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CE3: Connect Colleagues Concept Experience

I chose the blogs called  nadia univ 200 and hruiz for this assignment. I picked these two because although they both started  with same key words which was “Social Media”, their final links words ended up with totally  different stuff. Nadia was very similar to me. She was more focused on security issues and  then moved on to apple product. I was really surprised that her choice was very similar to what I chose. On the other hand, hruiz‘s was more in to social networks and then moved on to sports stuff. It was really interesting to see how his links ended up with sports stuffs. It was really unexpected thing.

I looked on many different blogs, not just those two blogs. And I found out that most of my classmates started off with same key words but ended up with very different words. Even though its not good thing, some times expect people to have same or similar thought as me. However, by having this assignment, it reminded me that every one have different thinking that it is not right to think everyone should have similar thought as me.

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I started from Social media and ended up with apple Inc. It’s pretty interesting to see how I went from social media to Apple Inc. The way how I chose the links was by clicking on the things what I am interested.  All of the 10 links chose are the ones what I really care about and what I am really interested in. I really enjoy picking the links with the words what I like and see how it  ended up with. It was fun!


IP 1: How do you live online?

I used to use many different SNS to try out and have fun with. However, later on I ended up using one social network service which is Instagram. I like Instagram because its visual and simple, compare to other services such as Facebook or Twitter. I like to look at pictures more than reading or writing my thoughts down. I think some times images can be more powerful and words.

Moreover, the biggest reason what I really like about Instagram is its simpleness. Facebook used to be very simple but after they changed system and added timeline, it got complicated. Therefore I started to use Instagram more and later ended up deactivating my Facebook account. Nowadays, I only use Instagram.

Usually, on my Instagram, I post my daily stuff and foods I had that day, some times my own art works or working process. I think Instagram help me to be inspired all the time. By looking up some art related hashtags, there are tons of other peoples work to look at and get inspired, and I also post my work with same hashtag, so other people can see works too.

On the other hand, although I enjoy Instagram, I feel like all SNS are so addictive that its hard to stop. When I was really into Facebook, I used to login to Facebook all the time with phone and computer. Even when I was working on my homework, I was not focused on the thing what I supposed to be focused in. Nowadays, I don’t do things like that but try to be careful with it and try to use it as more useful source.

How does it feel when I think?


I never thought about how I feel when I am thinking about something before. Yet, definitely I can tell feeling and thinking is related because when I think about something, I the mood comes with it. For instance, When I think about some thing sad I feel sad. When I read a scary book and think about it, I feel scared. So, to answer to the question “How does it feel when I think?” I would say it really depends on what I am thinking.

It seems pretty simple that if I think about good stuff then every thing will be happy, but it’s not. Thinking doesn’t always feel great. In life there are so much things to deal with, and thinking requires me to be guarded all the time.  Some times by thinking so much, I get really stressed.

Brain tells me to be logic and reasonable; however, because I feel when I think at same time I can’t be always logic and reasonable. I can’t really think of metaphor for the way, but maybe I would say the way how I think is my personality.


“As We May Think” Nugget

“As We May Think” Nugget

Certainly progress in photography is not going to stop. Faster material and lenses, more automatic cameras, finer-grained sensitive compounds to allow an extension of the minicamera idea, are all imminent. Let us project this trend ahead to a logical, if not inevitable, outcome. The camera hound of the future wears on his forehead a lump a little larger than a walnut. It takes pictures 3 millimeters square, later to be projected or enlarged, which after all involves only a factor of 10 beyond present practice. The lens is of universal focus, down to any distance accommodated by the unaided eye, simply because it is of short focal length. There is a built-in photocell on the walnut such as we now have on at least one camera, which automatically adjusts exposure for a wide range of illumination. There is film in the walnut for a hundred exposures, and the spring for operating its shutter and shifting its film is wound once for all when the film clip is inserted. It produces its result in full color. It may well be stereoscopic, and record with two spaced glass eyes, for striking improvements in stereoscopic technique are just around the corner.

This paragraph was interesting to me because the progress in camera is like how we live nowadays. The way how the primary cameras got  develop into fancy cameras with better spec, such as DSLR, phone camera, digital cameras. The cameras we see these days is very similar to the other technology we have in our society such as PC, laptop, and smart phone, which has developed very fasted every year and very innovatively. The technology, such as, smartphones, tablet PC, internet, ever cameras are big part of our daily life. I would say technology is a big part of our society and the progress of camera can be a part of our developing society, and like the progress of camera the other technology will never stop too.