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How Do I Live Online

Whitebeard the Pirate

My internet use is pretty much summed up in “nerdism”. I’m not a huge anime fan as a whole, but I am a huge fan of two anime creations, “One Piece” and “Naruto”. Most of the things you will see me post will be Anime, Video Game, Military, Music, or Marvel and DC related. I like art that shows different creations and perspectives. I learn a lot about people from what they create and I get to see inside a persons mind without having to ask any questions.


To go along with the previous paragraph, imagine if Jazmine Sullivan had never had a bad experience with a man or if she had never had mixed emotions being in a relationship, I don’t believe she would have been able to sing this song as well as she did. You get an understanding of a person by watching what they do. Anyone can sing the words to the song, but how many can sing with the passion she is using? I believe it’s solely based on her own life experiences and that’s where a large part of true artistry comes from.

My first few experiences with youtube and anime started with the show Dragon Ball Z. After watching an episode I would go to school and look forward to discussing the characters, battles, the power levels, and speculation of up-coming episodes with friends. Dragon Ball Z ran so deep back in the early 2000s that friends and bullies alike shared a common interest in the early anime Dragon Ball Z. I would get picked on all during the day until lunch time, then everyone would come together to talk about DBZ. It’s pretty funny to think about it like this.

Music is another thing that brought everyone together. No matter who was cool, nerdy, geeky, or classified anywhere else music brought everyone together. Back then I believe Chris Brown just became famous and his album came out. Everyone was talking about it in High School and aside from some social norms everyone was accustomed to, we would all collectively agree that in order for any guy to get a girl in High School we had to either have his CD or be able to sing his songs. Thankfully I had the upper hand in that because there weren’t many singers and I was one of the exceptions. Every girl I ever “got” was because I am a musician. A girl would hear a song or someone sing and I would sing it to her in front of people and that usually did it for me.