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Dogfished? I’m currently 25 years old, I stopped participating in social media when I was 16. Yeah, that means no facebook, instagram or twitter. Family, friends and new acquaintances are always shocked when I reveal this personal choice. I’m given qizzical looks and immediately asked,”why?”. I rotate the big three, “Well, I prefer face to face interactions.”, “While on active military duty I didn’t have time.” and”I’ll just wait till the next fad comes around.”.After reading Learning to tweet ( motivated me to tell my story. The year was 2007, I was completing my sophomore year at Prince George High school. My mother came home on my last day of school and hit me with the news that we would be relocating to Memphis, Tn. Three months later, its junior year and I’m sitting in homeroom for the first day of class at my new school. I wasn’t the most sociable teenager, acne and a skinny fame wreaked havoc on my confidence level. Talking to new people was unachievable and partaking in extracurricular activities unthinkable. School progressed and I still hadn’t made any new friends, I was the recluse. After school my routine consisted of messaging friends at my old school through myspace, overtime communication became ¬†infrequent and sparse. One day , after school I came home and logged into myspace and found that I had a pending friend request. “Savannah **** wants to be your friend.”, I momentarily lost my breath and stared unbelievingly. Savannah also nicknamed Savy, was a member of Cordova High basketball team. I only caught a glimpse of her not even a handful of times, long ¬†brown hair, long tone legs and impossibly beautiful. I clicked accept. Alright Jerrit say something cool, “Wats up, shawty”…send message. I proceeded to disentangle her myspace page, reading every comment and drooling over every photo. I stalked her page for hours until I finally received a message from Savy, “Hi Cutie”. I fell into the the rabbit hole. Class schedules were incompatible, morning/afternoon basketball practice and lack of transportation made face to face interactions inexistent. Myspace was were our relationship blossomed, we would chat endlessly into the night. Our conversations were fun, immature, compassionate and sometimes permiscuously revealing. You all are a smart bunch and you know where this story is heading and I want to keep what little dignity I have left. Savannah was actually Warren and Warren was really good at stealing profile identities. Sorry for the abrupt and generalized ending, I may have a few unresolved issues. Hopefully, in future posts I can thoroughly divulge my story. I’ve taken the first step to social mediaemia, thanks for reading.