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Concept Expensive 8

Marina said:”In Brazil they had the national “SATs” which had, for the first time, two questions (one MC and one essay, which is the most valuable part of the test point-wise) about Feminism. The organization behind the test made millions of young adults think about topics such as violence against women, sexual assault, misogyny and so on. This would have never happened 10, 15 years ago, and a lot of people credit this societal change to the people who use the Internet to denounce the ever-so common “machismo” that women suffer from daily in Brazil.” She gave an example to prove that people online can even change the culture so that now people in Brazil can talk about feminism and women issues and even have a test question about it. I know internet is powerful, but i never thought it could literally change something like what i mention in my own comment, the Chinese government would block you from seeing new about feminism. I always like to compare two different culture because this is my advantage. I know how China is and now see how the United State is. Sometime i admire these countries where people can really make a change no matter in real life or online. At least if they work toward it, they will make a difference. But as a Chinese, I can’t, at least not that easy and at least not online. To be an online activism or slactivism seems impossible to me. In this case, internet just a tool to relax. In my own final project, i hope i can add my own experience in it.


Key concept:

  • “Online organization, offline action”
  • “A place for marginalized minds”
  • social medias give you more audience (followers) or antis as a public platfrom


He was very clear about his key concept. Honestly i think that the titles of each sections are his key concepts. I summarized two sections (the naysayers, a feminist forum for the masses) into the last concept I wrote. When i read it again, i think that all these concepts are the climax. He’s really passion about this topic. I can’t pick any specific sentence because i think his article is calling for attention on feminism and addressed that we should take social media as a platform seriously. He wants his voice to be heard.

He didn’t lose me as a reader at all because each sections are closely concentrate to the main idea of his article. I am most interested in that he made me realize that even if the online world is virtual, but those people who at the computer can change the real world through the network. Just like how he addressed his topic, feminism is a real world issue but gets attentions online.

Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

I found two artists’ websites. Since i’m an art student, so i want to make my own website different from others.

This an image is from a blog belongs to an artist named Petra Cortright. This is the home page but not the first page you will see when you open the link. All these named she listed on the left is all the video she made. The reason why I like this website is because it’s weird and messy, but somehow it also is organized. I guess she put all the objects that she likes on the page to create this messy look. It looks like a kid play with a new website and it doesn’t look like it’s from contemporary century, it has a kind of old century feeling to me. I guess she just haven’t changed her website since 2006, so that’s why it seems old, but I like it.


Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

This is another weird artist named Jenny Drumgoole. The same as Cortright, they are all video artist. Video making doesn’t really have things to do with my final project, but this website can be the kind of looking i will have for my own website. All these color frame seems like would distract you, however, it made the center image pops out more. Maybe for my final project, I can put an image in the middle like this website to give an over all idea about what my topic is. Then on the left can be all the subtitles i have for my paper.


(The link)I like this person’s writing style because he is talking about his own experience in narrative way. Personally, I would interested in narrative article more than argumentative or other kinds of article. This article is more like a journal from that author. It resonate with me because I feel the same way as he did when travel to other country. So I want my final paper to be simple, clean and from my own experience. I think a successful article is one which can resonated with readers.

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My Conceptual Network

Computers are meticulous and have been programmed to function a certain way. Present day computers are designed primarily to solve reformulated problems or to process data according to predetermined procedures. The course of the computation may be conditional upon results obtained during the computation, but all the alternatives must be foreseen in advance. We no longer need humans to communicate directly but instead we can communicate through the internet. This is quite the obvious statement. able to send multiple people the same message at the same time does nothing but quicken the process of sending the message. This lost time represents a shortening of the distance between the human brain and the computer. If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not go far in our understanding of the world.

People who would have otherwise no access to education are able to log into class anywhere at any time. As someone who is very new to online courses, it is evident to me that learning over the internet is a skill that will be helpful to me in the future.The accounts I follow reflect my interests, and the vast majority of the users are people I have never met. As an art student, I can really see the value in making money by creating something that you care about. This is another situation that was drastically altered by the emergence of the internet. The individual is given a platform to tell the world what he or she has to say, and that might be lovingly written prose about what exploration goes on late at night in the dorms at a boarding school of witchcraft and wizardry. I think each person is uniquely capable of making these associations based on their interests.These associations seem just as challenging to recreate, if not more.

When thinking about the future and how much more everything could potentially continue to change, it can be scary to think about our great grandkids or even grandkids growing up in a completely different technological world than we did. If society has changed so much  today than in recent years, what do we have coming in future years in regards to technology and the media?

I’ve always found it very interesting that a thought cannot be measured. Thoughts do not feel made, but discovered. It seemed like a road well traveled.Of course this was a dead end but it was too intriguing to not click on. I think this another one of those black holes that is both interesting and not what I’m looking for.

Concept Experience 3

I found this assignment to be a bit difficult. One commonality that I noticed amongst all of us was that many of us used ‘Social Media’ as a staring point, including myself. What changed was that some students chose links that stayed in the same theme as Social Media, and others chose links that went completely off topic.

I managed to draw a connection between Hannah’s and Jerrit’s trail. Hannah’s trail went on somewhat of a political path, where she evidently ended up on Donald Trump’s website. Jerrit’s trail lead him to a link about Nancy Grace who tends to talk about politics and various pop culture events. These two things stood out to me as similarities between both trials.

Concept Experience 5

The time is flying and the technology is changing. There is no limitation of technology, so does human’s wisdom. By “augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems. Thanks to the technologyComputer has endless knowledge. I think the computer was in charge of exploration but i was in charge of the computer. The computer offered me unlimited sources and I utilized them to my benefitIt has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual. The computer provides me information and i get to choose which information i’m going use. I used to always hear people saying “too much of something good starts to turn into something bad” and I feel like technology could turn out this way. Stephen Hawking said: “Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours”. In my opinion, I don’t think computer will take over the world because human are able to create it and at the same time human are also be able to destroy it. Computer doesn’t have a soul but man did. Computer to us is just a tool. A tool which helps us to do our jobs efficiently. However, without man, computer is just a “decoration”. Men can do readily and well, though not rapidly, many things that are difficult or impossible for computers. We can also argue that they have also hurt us but I think establishing a middle ground in where not too much technology is used would be prudentFacebook as a tool for global community. It doesn’t mean a social media to me but a tangible China. They also developed special languages to describe different basic processes involved in list-structure manipulation.I think the reason why it called social media because it helps you to socialize and provide a path for people to communicate. These connections stood out to me because I love social media but I really need to stop reaching for my phone all the time. My brain, my thoughts are just like tangled threads. I came up some random “leaps”. Sometimes I feel like that I have to follow a way to do things, or this persistent disturbing unreasonable system will stay in my mind all day and ruin the day. However, many problems that can be thought through in advance are very difficult to think through in advance. They would be easier to solve, and they could be solved faster, through an intuitively guided trial-and-error procedure in which the computer cooperated, turning up flaws in the reasoning or revealing unexpected turns in the solution.

How it feels when I think

I think constantly. It is sometimes even hard to concentrate  because I am thinking about so many things all at once. I feel like sometimes I drown in my own thoughts, and sometimes I feel like I can’t come up with any thoughts to save my life. It all depends on the day and mood I’m in. I think there is a huge difference in the way humans and computers “think.” Computers are meticulous and have been programmed to function a certain way. While there may be a similarity between humans being taught how to act by their parents and programmed computers, I think that’s where the similarities end. We, as humans, feel emotions and act on impulse and think freely. I definitely know that I am an emotional thinker, and my heart and mind are connected at all times. Humans are empathetic and have the ability to sympathize with others, something computers cannot do. I do not believe there could even be a way to program computers to do that without it ending like some crazy action movie with robots taking over the world.


Concept Experience 3: Connect Your Colleagues


It was a bit difficult for me to find connections with two of my peers’ blogs. After some time and going through numerous blogs, some even twice, I was able to find two blogs that I shared something in common with. In my Associative Trails post, most of my links related to what I wanted to do with my life career wise. I stumbled upon clean drinking water, refugees and the FDC which all relates to what I want to do in the Peace Corps after graduation. . Lauramarie and kdurante did the same. After looking closely at both of their Associative Trail posts, I noticed that they both also chose links that related to their career paths. Lauramarie chose links that related to law enforcement because she is a criminal justice major and Kdurante ended their search with dentistry. Just like me, they both chose links relating to their goals, aspirations and what they’re working toward.

Connect your colleagues

After browsing and reading my peer’s blogs I found that Insight, Opinions, Me… , Kdurante and I had similar ideas about the similar subject/matter. In Insight’s Opinions and Me I can relate to her snapchat obsession (having one as well). I can also relate to her associative trail because she clicked on links  such as Helen of Troy and the Trojan War and for one of my last links I clicked on The Enlightenment Era, and so we both really looked into events that you wouldn’t associate with social media. I can relate to Katelyn Durante’s blog because for her associative trail we both stumbled upon our respective majors, so it was neat to see that someone else also happened to click on links that led to a major interest.

Concept Experience 3

These two bloggers have started their search with “social media” but what they found during it ended up being completely different. Hector‘s search had several links related to entertainment: football, soccer, pickup trucks, and Facebook. On the other hand, Khanh’s trail focused on more serious topics like internet addiction, personality disorders and mental disorders. Notice I say “focused” because this author meant to make her search about the negative side of social media from the beginning, as she mentions on her post.

Concept Experience 3

These connections stood out to me because I love social media but I really need to stop reaching for my phone all the time. The “Fear of Missing Out” is real. And I notice this behavior on others around me all the time as well. How did we survive without knowing what everyone is up to at all times? And, most importantly, do we really need to? Sure, social media can be a great source of entertainment, just like sports are. But we can also become addicted to it and lose focus of what really matters, like paying attention to your family and friends who are sitting next to you (and not to your middle school acquaintance who just posted a great pic on Instagram). As with anything in life, social media should be used in moderation.

Concept Experience 3