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“How does it feel when you think?”

Thinking is an inevitable part of each and every day. My mind is always racing with thoughts. Thinking is something I can’t stop from happening. To describe how it feels takes some thought, and then again — I’m thinking! Thinking to me feels like a type of color,  and that may be weird to say and understand but when I was little I used to squeeze my eyes shut and sometimes I would think I saw the color orange, other times I would think I saw the color blue. I feel that thinking for the most part is a good thing so I relate it to good things or “happy things” such as colors. To think is to be set apart from this world whether a couple minutes or a couple of hours. It really just depends. Of course there’s also the kind of thinking that makes you want to slam your head against your computer screen because you’re simply too tired to keep thinking about the foreign math problem staring you in the face. But mostly, I think thinking feels like freedom. It is your own personal bubble and space and you’re free inside it.