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Two of a Kind -Concept experience 3

I weaved through several peer related blogs and discovered two interesting and attractive posts. Hannah Vester’s associative trails post herself apart, she visited a few sites(
) about problematic issues associated with Donald Trump. I’m an African American male and these potential allegations, some good and bad are not in my favor. I think this is why I was particularly drawn to her relatable post. Hannah expressed the same frustrations I’ve felt when encountering bigotry, ‘I felt like my IQ was dropping.'(Vestor). Next, I explored Hosna’s associative trails post, very interesting. Hosna’s exquisitely mapped his randomness ‘since it starts with digital media and ends with the FDC.'(hosna). Something I experienced as well, initially with digital media, intermediately with Ted Bundy(sicko) and finally at fire worship.

Hannah Vester



Concept Experience 3

I remember playing a game when I was younger that involved making it from one designated beginning Wikipedia page to another designated end Wikipedia page within a certain number of clicks. It is referred to as the WIkipedia game.  I was surprised by hruiz’s Associative Trial because I don’t think I could get from Social Media to FIFA in 10 clicks if I was trying.  Similarily, kdurt’s Associative Trial goes from Digital Media to Dentistry in 10 links. These associations seem just as challenging to recreate, if not more.

I think each person is uniquely capable of making these associations based on their interests. I wonder if they would have come to similar conclusions if they started at much different topics, such as Fifth of July or homoeoid, which are pages I found using the random page generator on the Wikipedia site.