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How do I live online?

I’m an avid user of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, if it’s popular, I’m probably on it. Facebook is my favorite because not only do I get all the news of current events from there I’m also able to watch hilarious videos. My family will always ask what new videos I have to show them when I come home from VCU. I also really enjoy using Snapchat with my friends. It’s fun to send pictures that can only be viewed for a certain time, plus I’m able to add emojis or text. It’s genius. I do think that social media has become a problem in today’s society. It’s sad to see people only looking at their phones instead of conversing with each other. I’m guilty of this sometimes, but I try not to be on my phone if I’m with my family or my boyfriend. There’s only so much time you can spend with your loved ones.

My one remarkable story about Facebook is that I first talked to my significant other on this platform. It’s kind of how we met. I was a freshman in high school, still pretty shy, and he was a new student that moved to Virginia from New York. We would see each other around school and smile, but nothing more until we became “Facebook friends.”

(As I type this I’m a little embarrassed) How do I live online?

He didn’t have a phone so our only way of communication was through Facebook, so I was constantly on, browsing my feed. I became addicted to checking my profile and I had to limit myself from how many times I went online in a certain period. That was a very dark place…How do I live online?

But I finally realized life needed to be lived, not browsed, and instead of hiding behind the computer we both went on dates and are still together to this day. I guess you could say that Facebook was our


“How do I live Online?”

It is amazing the amount of apps there are today that people use to communicate and interact with. The world wouldn’t be t he same without apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc.   I use many of those; since I am a person that loves music whenever I want to hear a song I go to Youtube. or Pandora Youtube has been around for many years and I never thought it would stay free till this day. I like Pandora but it was better when it had unlimited skips.  Spotify is also a great app for music but as well as Pandora you have to pay a monthly fee to have all the great features.

I have a tendency to use Twitter and Instagram as well to see what friends are up to and also post a picture of something interesting Im doing but not to often. The one I find myself using more and I the one I think is more beneficial to me is Facebook. The reason why it benefits me more is because I have many relatives in Mexico and since my relatives over there use Facebook more than any other app I can easily communicate with them form here.  Ive had Facebook for around six or seven years, and since it first came out the ways to communicate with people has definitely improved.  For example now you can even call people using Facebook , something you weren’t able to do in the past years. “How do I live Online?”

All of the apps out there are great for people to interact and communicate.


Is social media really social?

Lately, it seems my friends have become more and more obsessed with their image over social media and what other people are doing. Although I am an instagrammer, tweeter and facebooker, I try not to let these sites control my life. I value my image online as an educated young women drawn to social issues and demanding awareness; fitting due to my major. Although I spread the news through all outlets, I value my online participation on Facebook the most. I have grown up with a very judgemental family, religious in some aspects, and many are ignorant to the world of the less fortunate that I am working to improve. Facebook is where to majority of my family, many miles away go to inquire about my life. So, since I would argue my life is less than extravagant and exciting, why not inform them on something they were unaware of before?

Once, I posted an article about rape as a weapon of war in Syria due to ISIS, and my mother was furious! She could not believe I would put something so gruesome on Facebook. My rebuttal was, “This is a young woman’s real life.” I have noticed people have a way of dehumanizing the people who need to be humanized the most. Therefore, I feel as though my purpose is to inform the world of Facebook about more than a couple of cute cat videos (although those are also appreciated). The first step to solving any problem is awareness; if you don’t know it’s a problem you can’t fix it.