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Fantic Space- Concept Experience

NSA is my fantic space, its informative, visually gripping and ignites the imagination. The site expertly summarize findings in terminology that most readers can understand, while still keeping a scientific(nerdy) atmosphere. Recently, NASA has confirmed the presence of water on Mars, the red desolate planet. This is a once in a lifetime discovery, only through advances in technology are we able to witness such wonders. The site uploads images taken from the most powerful imaging spectrometer(cameras) in existence. Bewitching text, combined with stunning photos solidifies how unconceivably beautiful this discovery really is. 

The fantic space fuels my imagination, being a dreamer, abstractly having something in your head and physically setting eyes on a world is no comparison. I can tell you that daydreaming about snowboarding the slopes of a distance planet, is way more productive when you have a template. What truly attracts me to this site is that the discoveries communicated leaves you feeling appreciatively insignificant.Fantic Space- Concept Experience

Finding a Fantic Space

Aimee Song is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I absolutely love the layout of her site. Its very neat and organized yet it looks so full. She incorporated her style into the layout of her website. Its very simple and chic looking. I also love how everything is so easy to find! Definitely one of my favorite site layouts.

Finding a Fantic Space

I was excited that I was able to choose my favorite online writing voice. Humans of New York has by far the best stories. They range from stories that inspire you, make you laugh and even make you cry. One of their most recent series’ was about refugees. I have read every single post and I have cried after reading each one. They share  the true stories told to them by random people from all over the world. They also include a picture of the storyteller. I have never found a blog that I have found so interesting. It is definitely worth visiting.

Fantic Space

I chose this Tumblr because it is so chic and stylish, yet simple. The Tumblr user is actually one of my favorite Youtubers, Meghan Rienks. She is a beauty guru, which is probably why her Tumblr is very trendy. I like the layout of her blog because it consists of all pictures in small squares but also because each of her pictures consists of something simple yet symbolic of her style. I want my project to look similar to this and to be unique to me.

Buzzfeed, overall, is a great site that consist of different articles and videos. I chose this site because they do articles that make you think about real life situations. They had this series where people talked about stereotypes in a different way. It was called “I am ___, but I am not…” So it could have been about a religion, it went “I am muslim, but I am not…” muslim people would speak against their stereotype.  Buzzfeed tackles many controversial topics in fun yet, serious way.

Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

One of my favorite things to do when I am bored or in the mood to procrastinate is to go on this special corner of Google Maps and explore the new content that it’s periodically uploaded there. Right now on this branch of Google Street View there are several cities, countries and regions of the world you can experience as if you were physically there, but with an advantage to compensate for the fact you are not: each image offers a little history or trivia about the place you are currently “visiting”. This website reminds me of that video we watched in which the guy was wearing his “life enhancing glasses” that gave him all the information he wanted as he went by his day.

As I mentioned, there are several places you can explore in this website, and each panoramic picture will offer you some information and a link in case you are interested in learning more about each location. One of my favorite places to “visit” are the Galapagos Islands. I first learned about being able to visit there through Google last year in a Biology class. I think my professor wanted us to be able to experience the islands in a similar way that Darwin did, which was a great way to enhance our learning experience and make us more engaged in the class – very similar to what Nelson proposes in Dream Machines. I love the opportunity that Google provides for us to make boring paragraphs in a textbook real, in a dynamic way. There are videos about the labs and the animals Darwin studied, panoramic views of the islands, and you can even swim with the sea lions!

Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

What attracts me the most about this website, and what I wish I could replicate in my own Inquiry Project (if only I had the skills, which I don’t), is that you could lose yourself for hours there without even noticing – and most importantly, while LEARNING. Sure, we can all blow several hours online no problem, but how much do you really learn when you get to the end of your ex’s Instagram feed? I also love how each page offers you just the right amount of information to 1) teach you something, 2) not bore you, and 3) give you room to research more if you so wish. After all, as Nelson writes,  what’s better than encouraging people to learn for and by themselves?

Now, as for an interesting writing voice I’d like to emulate, I had a hard time finding someone because I don’t read any blogs regularly. However, I like to read J.K. Rowling’s tweets because she has great sense of humor, but not in an obvious way. She’s one of those people who can probably tell a joke with a straight face and still make everyone laugh (at least that’s how I picture her saying what she tweets). I also love how sarcastic she is, without being crass or rude. Also, I love how she’s always able to get her point across in a single tweet. I guess what I admire the most about her voice is its ability to convey meaning and humor in just words, without emojis, gifs, pictures, etc. I would love to be able to write as well as her, but for now I am happy to read anything and everything she writes.


Concept Experience 6: Finding Fantic Space

Concept Experience 6: Finding Fantic Space
Don Quixote Doflamingo


Here is a link to some of my nerdism: Once Piece fantic space.

There are so many things that visually and artistically stimulate my mind. One of them is my current anime interest, One Piece. The design of One Piece intrigues me because the art connected to the visuals that compliment the story line allow me to be there as an added extra. I have always been a very visual person, always wanting to “see” what’s going on. I don’t necessarily need to know every minute detail of what is happening, but does it look cool? One Piece and other story lines that add lots of visual effects fill that void that I have for seeing visually stimulating things.

Another artistically stimulating thing for me is music. Being a musician, sounds in the general sense intrigue me. Simply walking down the sidewalk I hear music where others may hear noise.

Take this awkward situation from both the violinist and the cell phone users perspective. This could have been detrimental to the musician who has been practicing for years in order to hone his skills to the point where he is comfortable playing an instrument in front of an audience, let alone have enough mastery to, on the spot, freestyle a ringtone into a listenable song.



The writing voice that I find most appealing comes from Dr. Myles Munroe. His teaching style on leadership and manhood better help me to practically apply his findings in my own life. I am able to read his works, listen to his voice, do my own studying and my own research, make connections, and then apply the teachings to my life. This is an excerpt from Dr. Myles Munroe:


I have heard many leaders such as: John Maxwell, Warren Buffett, Tony Evans, Jamal Bryant and a few others, however for me none of them speak to me in such clarity more clear than Dr. Myles Munroe.

He speaks with confidence, he also writes with confidence. There have been many books I have read where it seems that the author is trying more so to impose, rather than teach. Dr. Munroe understands that everyone is an individual and born with their own thoughts and processes and he acknowledges that most of them may not be eliminated, but rather redirected. He doesn’t impose his will on others like a dictator, he teaches and adds value more like a loving father. This is what speaks to me because of my upbringing. My father was always in my life, so if someone who wants me to learn something teaches me in a fatherly way I am more susceptible to learning and understanding the information.

Finding a Fantic Space

This design is very intriguing. For starters, it is very colorful, which I always find interesting. Also, I like how there is several different designs going on. This website also shows some of the artistic ability this photographer has, which is definitely reflected in the photo albums.

I really like that this mom has so much to say. I actually read like ten of her blogs because I couldn’t help myself. She is one of the bloggers that you want to see what happens next. You can tell when someone is genuinely excited or invested in a topic and she is. I mean, they are all about her family, especially her kids so you would she would be excited to talk about them. Her voice is just very prominent in a down-to-earth way that makes you want to visit her blog more often to see how her family is doing and what new exciting thing has happened since the last post.