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Concept Experience #6 – Fantic Space

One of my favorite Instragramer, itzkohki,  has done a very good job in artistically presenting his hobbies and life to the world. Through online spaces like Instragram, Facebook, and Youtube, he expresses his great great love to travel, cwalk, and skateboard through online spaces. I chose this as an example for my Instragram fantic space rather than other world famous, popular pages because of the down-to-earth feeling in every single content he uploaded. I can see his dedication and passion that he put into his works. He takes time to choose the angle, position, landscape, lightning, and even editing everything by himself. The way he use the pictures he took to tell his journey is inspiring. It makes me feel like to pack up and go experience the world. Another interesting thing I like about Instragram is its hashtag system. It is very cool to see what other people all over the world did at that specific event, or specific place, where I had been.