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Hello Thinkers!

You have noticed our class blog site has a new theme.  The old one wasn’t working for me — I needed something “cleaner” and easier to navigate, so I changed things.  I tell you this by way of arguing that change is a good thing, revising is a good thing!  This could be a motto for our class!

You will notice that your most recent posts are being aggregated on our blog’s homepage — under this post.  I’ve set this announcement post as our “featured” post, so that it will stay on top, but if I don’t have an announcement for you, the top posts on our class website will be posts YOU have made in your blogs.

I’ve syndicated all blogs that are included on our Google Doc blog url.  If you did not list your blog url on our Google doc, I have no idea where to find your blog, and I can’t syndicate your blog to our site.  Please go back to the Google doc and ADD your blog url asap.

Here’s a bit of good news!  Our class is a little ahead of the other #thoughtvectors classes– so if you are feeling a little behind, it’s okay this week.  I had planned to have all Mondays be days that readings are due, but we decided in a meeting this week that Wednesdays would be the day we will begin discussing all new readings in the course.  Hence, this week Bush’s reading was due Mon for our class, but it wasn’t due until Wed in the other classes.

SO — from now on, new course readings will be assigned to be due on WEDNESDAYS.  (If it works better for you to read on weekends, that’s fine.  Just look ahead to Wed to see the reading due and do that on the weekend).

You should scroll down and look at some of your peer’s blog posts right now!  They are AWESOME!!  Some of your blog posts are already impressive and thoughtful!  Feel free to leave comments on your peers’ posts — a good commenter is a good class participator and a leader in our community of learners!