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It feels comforting to think.

When I think, I feel better. I feel stronger, confident, and more comfortable in my current situation. When I think, I escape. Thinking, to me, is an invaluable piece of being human. I consider myself an outgoing introvert, which is a fancy way of saying I can have fun with people but I need my time alone with my thoughts to recharge. I spend every waking moment planning, thinking, organizing, reorganizing, and repeat. I love to think. I sit down, pull out my little notebook, and get to work. I think about the classes I need to take next semester, then I think about what grades I need to get the GPA I want, then I think about what grad schools I want to go. Then I switch gears out of nowhere and start thinking about the next fanfiction I want to write, the next game I want to play, who I want to text and check up on, and when I’m going to go visit home again. When I think, I feel recharged. When I think? It looks a little bit like this

I feel like the world stopped and I’m finally able to take a breather. I