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BETA draft of IP introduction

Perhaps beginning in 2007 is when I’ve had my first contact with the internet. It has been 8 years now. From a Samsung desktop computer to a macbook. As Science and technology have developed, so has the Internet. My first desktop computers was purchased in 2008. It was my second year in middle school, and it was a gift from my mom. As a middle school student, the computer was just for playing games occasionally to complete homework. I also had a Sony phone at that time. In that rebellious period, I would hide my cell phone in my desk when I was in some boring class that I was not interested in. I used it to chat sneakily. Not with my classmates, but with some online“friends” from different cities whom I met online. At that time, the internet was a very fascinating thing. It allows you to chat with people from all over the country without making move. Gradually, I started getting addicted to the Internet, playing games or writing adolescent blog posts rather than talking to friends or family in person. I preferred to write my thoughts on the internet freely without limitation. Many times those classmates from real life who were like strangers to me would comment on my blog. But even so, the internet was still more like a tool for me when my life was not fully occupied… Until 2011, when I came to the United States.

Even though ive been learning English since I was in kindergarten being in this country still makes me nervous because of different cultures, different traditions, different looks and different languages. I am a slow person. A little amount of time is not sufficient for me to become friends with others. So contacting my family and friends through the internet become an indispensable part in my life in the U.S. There are probably more than 10 hours everyday when my computer is opened. My phone is fully charged all the time because I would feel very lonely or awkward without it. I dont like socializing anymore. I am more interested in watching Chinese films online. Weibo (Chinese twitter) and wechat (Chinese chat app) has became a communication bridge between my family, my friends and me because I do not have a lot of local friends. I do not know if it is because I am too reliant on the internet, or I just have trouble make friends.

Recently an Australian girl named Essena O’neill is in the news because she told everyone about her real life behind the internet. In order to be able to post a perfect photo on the Internet, she was at the expense of several hours of putting on makeup just so she can be able to take a seeming perfect photo. Some photos may seem relaxing, but no one knows it was on purpose. Until recently she decided to quit social media because she realized it is not reality.

I am able to see my own shadow in her experience. Although I am not a famous Instagram user, I often take pictures and Photoshop them just to post on the Internet for a few likes. I am seemingly happy every day, but the fact is that real life is a lot of pressure. There is a saying in china that goes“my phone eats before me”. It describes those people who likes to take pictures of food before they eat it. The internet has gradually gotten us used to the virtual world through playing games, socializing, watching movies or studying. Who ever thinks of what the consequences are of problematic internet use?



“We may stop ‘needing’ or craving real social interactions because they may become foreign to us,” Aboujaoude explains.

Kim, M. (2015, February 18). The Good and the Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality. Retrieved from

I’m thinking about focussing on how problematic internet use in the virtual world has a negative impact in reality and calling on people to care more about the reality and less about the internet. That’s why i chose this sentence because I think this sentence is the worst case scenario for using technology to remove us from reality.

“Reality is boring media are magnetic.”

citation: GOZZI JR., R. (2013). REALITY IS BORING. MEDIA ARE MAGNETIC. ETC: A Review Of General Semantics70(3), 288-289. Retrieved from

This is another key idea i was thinking about because magnetic media is why we are attracted to it. it cause problematic internet use. this sentence gives an overall conclusion and reason why we are obsessed with internet.

I think i will include both key idea in my final paper.

Are you psychotic ?

citation: Mittal, V. A., Dean, D. J., & Pelletier, A. (2013). Internet addiction, reality substitution and longitudinal changes in psychotic-like experiences in young adults. Early Intervention In Psychiatry, 7(3), 261-269. doi:10.1111/j.1751-7893.2012.00390.x, Retrieved from


Internet addiction is a kind of psychological problem. Different people would have different reactions on Internet addiction. Sometimes it would cause psychotic depression or psychotic symptom. It appears most in adolescent.  Mittal, Dean and  Pelletier started an experiment to study and analysis consequences of internet addiction and reality substitute also refer to as problematic internet use. This is first study shows that as problematic internet use increase, psychotic like experiences (PLE) increase. If you have psychotic experiences, you will more like develop psychotic disorder. The research shows that those people who have psychotic experiences, they would use internet in a problematic way, but the people who don’t have psychotic experience, they use the internet less in a problematic way.The study find out that if we reduce problematic internet behavior to stop those people from having psychotic experience, then they might not get psychotic disorder. Different from Gozz’s journal, this article is more like a scholar report and it gives more mentally negative effects of using the internet.

One interpretation is that continued problematic Internet use is associated with worsening PLEs whereas a cease in problematic Internet use corresponds with an accompanying improvement in PLEs. In support of this idea, it has been proposed that exposure to environmental risk factors might increase the likelihood of persistent PLEs in individuals predisposed to the development of schizophrenia.Given a diathesis-stress conceptualization of psychosis, where a constitutional vulnerability (e.g. a confluence of genetic and early environmental factors) later interacts with social stressors, it is possible that the Internet serves as an environmental factor that may, in part, unmask the subtle vulnerability. Indeed, recent reports that Internet addiction is associated with significant brain changes in areas that are also highly implicated with schizophreniaand PLEs, suggest that problematic Internet use may be placing further strain on an already compromised neural system. This picture is consistent with the noted evidence that suggests that the occurrence of PLEs in the general population confers significant risk for developing more serious formal psychotic disorder (e.g. schizophrenia)

If you keep use internet in a more problematic way, you will get PLE worse. People who are risk have mental problem, they are more likely have PLE than normal person. Not all of these people would get PLEs. However, there are certain environmental factors would cause these people to have psychotic disorder. Internet can be one of these factors. The research shows that internet addiction would cause brain changes which associates the schizophrenia area. So the internet addiction can cause more serious neural ill. A lot of normal people have problematic internet behavior such as using the internet so much or substitute the reality with internet, those people would have PLEs which can cause further serious mental disorder.

Alternatively, it is possible that those individuals who are becoming increasingly prone to psychosis choose to spend more and more time using the Internet in a problematic way. As noted, investigators have observed that a number of individuals use the Internet environment as a substitute for real-life interactions and for relieving real-life problems.25 Consistent with this notion, a study examining Internet use in adolescents with schizotypal personality disorder found that the participants were attempting to utilize the Internet as a resource to combat social isolation. Certainly, it is possible that the experience of PLEs may prove frightening, and as noted, individuals reporting these experiences show a range of interpersonal deficits. For these persons, the Internet may provide a ‘safe’ place where meaningful communication is not contingent upon interpersonal skills. 
Different from last passage which said that the cause of PLEs is problematic internet behavior, this one is saying that because of PLEs, people start to have problematic internet behavior.  Because those people who already had PLEs, they chose escape from the reality and use the internet as another world different from the real world. Internet addiction would get worse. In adolescents, people who can’t really socialize usually found to utilize the internet as the solution of their social isolation.  If this is the case, then a lot of people now are having PLEs because we all have kind of problematic internet behavior everyday. For instance, we rely on the internet too much, when we have a question, they first thing we would think is to google the answer. Also those people who obsess with online game. If a people who can socialize every well, then what the point is for him to just live in the internet world. As we living in 21 century, internal is really attractive to all of young adults, we use it to communicate, take pictures, listen to musics, do research and so on. We might somehow think about it as a bad thing, but we never know what cause us to have a internet addiction, or what consequence we are getting. From this article i see that we should pay close attention on how we are using the internet. We can use it as a tool, but don’t get addiction. 

Deep Diving 1: something catchy from boring life

First of all, I changed my research top to “what are the negative effects of using the internet to distract us from reality?” (This article is short but it has some important ideas in it)

citation: GOZZI JR., R. (2013). REALITY IS BORING. MEDIA ARE MAGNETIC. ETC: A Review Of General Semantics, 70(3), 288-289. Retrieved from


Internet effects perceptions in the reality. Gozzi thinks that reality is boring and the magnetic internet distract us from the reality. He gave three examples, “distract driving”, interruption of in-person conversation and the use of cell phone and computer during the class to show that how people get distracted from the reality. His solution is not changing the internet, but make ourselves to accept the boring reality if we can’ avoid it anyway.

Reality is boring. Media are magnetic. With this simple formula, we go .a long way toward understanding American consciousness in 2013. Case in point. Walking down a city street. Notice how many people’s eyes are looking at a cell phone and not at their surroundings. Notice how many people are listening to headphones and not their environment. Why not just take in all that is happening? Because reality is boring. People would rather be checking twitter or text messages from friends or the latest stock prices

It is the truth that a lot of people are looking at their cell phone or listening music when they are walking on the street. Not only when they are walking, but also sometimes when they’re eating at the table. People just can’t stop themselves from reaching their cell phones and sometime they just unlock their cell phone for no purpose. They reason why they are doing it because they want to get away from the boring reality. The online world seems more attractive than the real world because you can contact with your friend, read news and even make money from the stock market. The negative effect of it is that people are not that close to each other anymore and they don’t appreciate to what surround them. They forgot that they are the people who actually living in the real life but not online. The real world is what the world make us alive, but not the online life.

“Another case in point—driving can be very boring. On the interstate, not much happens most of the time. Around town, pretty predictable traffic flows. So, a text message comes in, you answer it. Of course you will talk on the phone. And check your GPS. As more and more electronic gadgets get built into car dashboards, media distractions will multiply. “Distracted driving,” already leading to numerous accidents, will balloon. States have already passed laws banning texting while driving and requiring hands-free cell phones. But these restrictions are rarely followed. Because media are magnetic, pulling our attention away from a boring reality.

In this passage, he gave an example shows what the negative effect is of using the internet, he called it “distracted driving”. Every one knows that driving is boring and no one thinks what could happen if they text, call or check GPS while they are driving. Radio also can be the thing that would distract people. Imagine you are listening to some news, you will get distracted because it might be the news that shock you, then it can be the time when you get crushed. Driving require you to pay fully attention, it’s relate to you life. This is the boring thing that we shouldn’t escape to the online life.


Post Ebsco Host Tutorial Work

Research question: How does technology change the definition of art?

Search terms: photograph, video art, definition of art, what is art, art history

The second article seems more promising because it include the history of art and the modern art. It mentions the art with music, poetry, sculpture and painting. I think music is made a part of  technology, so I think I can be relate to my research question.

IP Call for Response

I am studying art

Because I want to find out what is art today? What can be considered as art?

In order to help my reader to have a more clear definition of art and know how to appreciate art.

Research question: How the definition of art changed over time?


The first source i found was written by Elizabeth in June 4, 2013 on her blog named “What Art Movement are We in Today?” She addressed three different kinds of art today: digital art, activist art and social art movement . Digital art is sharing art thought the technology we have today. Advertising, commercial or those illustration on the website are all considered as digital art. Activist art is the art has a certain purpose such as changing the society. For example, the Chinese artist ai weiwei. He is not only an artist but an activist who trying to make the country better though his art work. The last one is social art movement. Obviously, it’s called social art because it is for socialize such as those “art” photos on the Instagram.

The second source I found is an article written by Seth Price called “Dispersion“. Honestly, I didn’t fully understand it. It is confused, but there is one paragraph tells me what art is before: “Reflecting on his experience running a gallery in the 1960s, Dan Graham observed: ‘if a work of art wasn’t written about and reproduced in a magazine it would have difficulty attaining the status of ‘art’. It seemed that in order to be defined as having value, that is as ‘art’, a work had only to be exhibited in a gallery and then to be written about and reproduced as a photograph in an art magazine.’ ”

By reading and comparing these two articles, I see how art changed by time. Around 1960s or even before that, art has a strict definition, not everything can be defined as art unless it was written about on the imagine and exhibited in the gallery. However, the definition of art today become more and more broad. One reason is because we now have art works with technology which ancestor did not have. To me it seems like everything in the gallery is art even sometimes you just drop your food on the floor then people will still think it’s art and pretend like “oh yeah i got this idea!” Everything can be defined as art as long as you have a nice interpretation.  Now I’m curious about where the line is for the art, what the purpose for art is and also I want to do more research on the ancient art to figure out the evolution of art.



  1. What you think art is?
  2. Do you think art can change the society?
  3. Do you think commercial is art as well?
  4. What kind of work do you think that shouldn’t considered as art?
  5. What do you think is art in your daily life?



Reflection on the Interest Inventory

Just like the title of this, it is an interesting activity. It’s like what i mentioned in “analyzing the obvious” “I figured out a better way to do research by having sub-questions at the beginning and looking for different answers to those sub-questions which answer the main topic.” Instead of only sub-questions, we also developed sub-topics.

I really like the way we doing this activity. We no long think about ideas by ourselves, we work together as a group. Our minds interact with each other and come up with more ideas. It makes me change my mind about computer and internet. I think now i prefer to work on the internet as a group instead of face to face because in this way we don’t have to adjust a meeting time, we can do it online whenever we want. The google docs will always be there, and also we can add new ideas without have another meeting. It works well especially for people like me don’t know how to socialize and very introverted.

Now I have more potential ideas about my inquiry project and I found out what i really interested in. All these classmates inspired me. As an art student, I think i want to spend the rest of the semester to find out what art is. What can be consider as art? Is advertising an art? Is commercial an art? Can we delivery art concept thought the social media or we have to go to a museum to see art? What is art on the internal? How is technology changing the way we think about art? Is plagiarism a new way to do art? As time changes, the definition of art changes. This is what I want to find out.


“How do I live Online?”

It is amazing the amount of apps there are today that people use to communicate and interact with. The world wouldn’t be t he same without apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc.   I use many of those; since I am a person that loves music whenever I want to hear a song I go to Youtube. or Pandora Youtube has been around for many years and I never thought it would stay free till this day. I like Pandora but it was better when it had unlimited skips.  Spotify is also a great app for music but as well as Pandora you have to pay a monthly fee to have all the great features.

I have a tendency to use Twitter and Instagram as well to see what friends are up to and also post a picture of something interesting Im doing but not to often. The one I find myself using more and I the one I think is more beneficial to me is Facebook. The reason why it benefits me more is because I have many relatives in Mexico and since my relatives over there use Facebook more than any other app I can easily communicate with them form here.  Ive had Facebook for around six or seven years, and since it first came out the ways to communicate with people has definitely improved.  For example now you can even call people using Facebook , something you weren’t able to do in the past years. “How do I live Online?”

All of the apps out there are great for people to interact and communicate.