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How I Live Online

Of the millions of apps that exist in the app universe, Instagram is the only one I use every day religiously. I’m studying illustration at the School of Art, so I am very visual, and imagery is the most important element in the app. I do not post content nearly as much as I just browse and scroll, scroll, scroll. The accounts I follow reflect my interests, and the vast majority of the users are people I have never met. I do not often comment on posts by people I don’t know, unless it is entirely positive and unable to be misconstrued. Getting in arguments with people you don’t know on the internet is frustrating and upsetting and I have chosen to completely avoid the situation.

My sisters are only a few years younger than me, but I can see a difference in how we interact with social media. The term “digital native” comes to my mind, and I think they are somehow more native than I am. It is most noticeable to me on Instagram because it is the social media app I use most often. Both of them have accounts that are much more successful and active than mine

A family friend of mine who is about 15 years old now is one of those die hard Walt Disney fans. She really knows her trivia.  She turned this fandom into her first job by creating an Instagram account where she curated outfits based on different Disney characters. Sponsorships from businesses looking to market to niches of young people are how social media can become a source of income. As an art student, I can really see the value in making money by creating something that you care about.