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There is nothing in the universe that is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s no secret that the NSA has made numerous infractions. Gellman states that most of the infractions and rule breaking are involved in unauthorized surveillance of Americans in the United States.  It was reported that in May of 2012, over 2,000 incidents were recorded where information was collected, access and stored that was unauthorized. Although it may not be on purpose and be accidental, it needs to be regulated because this is can lead to an abuse of power and to a world without confidentiality. If there is a will, there is a way. That should be the motto of the NSA because there are many jurisdictions involving privacy and they somehow manage to get around it every time.

The most famous “infraction,” you can say, is when Edward Snowden leaked NSA documentation. It was a major scandal because he did what no one has ever done. Edward Snowden was an employee of the NSA who took classified documentation of surveillance programs in effect by the NSA. He saved all this information onto several computers. He then booked a flight to Hong Kong where he had strategically “dropped a bombshell” of all the information collected by the NSA,which consisted of records of phone calls and emails sent from American citizens.

It also consisted of information of surveillance of international officials as well. Eric Griffith stated that Snowden has documentation of surveillance programs centered on the Internet, which would diminish the privacy of computers, the Web, and smartphones. Snowden now faces many felonious charges in the United States but he has been granted asylum in Russia to avoid these charges.


Video Research Nugget Post

A look at how Attractiveness Affects the Workplace

Newsy. ( Sep 11, 2015). A look at how attractiveness affects the workplace. . retrieved from


This video was the first video i was able to find on my topic. The video was posted on by Newsy. I had never heard of Newsy before so when i did some research i learned that it is a multi source video news service that highlights perspectives from various media outlets and packages them into concise easy to digest news bites. I found the source reliable since they do mention the sources in which they get their statistics and facts from and majority of the sources are well known trusted sources like CNN.

One of the first things mentioned in the beginning of the video was that “time and time again it has been proven that people who are tall, physically fit, and facially symmetrical are often times more successful than the others in their workplace”. This is what my topic is all about. My questions are, how are they more successful? what can we do to fix this issue? is there anything being done? and is being attractive more of a benefit when it comes to the workplace or is it a downfall?  I have these questions because i have gotten mixed thoughts and answers from all the research that i have previously done. Some say it is an advantage for women, and others say that it is harder for attractive women to be successful because they have to work harder to prove competence. This video clip helped me answer a lot of my questions.

” A London Guildhall study found that attractive people make as much as 11-15% more than less attractive co-workers”.

 Although, i had read that attractive people were more successful in the workplace, this quote still stuck out to me. I assume its because no other article, video or link mentioned numbers. This made it hard to understand exactly how much more successful they are and in which ways.  Like i mentioned before, some of my research states attractiveness is a pro for women in the workplace and some states that it is a con. The video mentions the Halo Effect, which is when people often think that attractive people are smarter, funnier, kinder and more athletic than average looking people. I guess this would be a pro. however, they also mention the Bimbo Effect, meaning good looking women may have to work harder to prove their competence especially in a male dominated workplace. Women already have to deal with many hardships when it comes to work. So the fact that the have to work even harder just because of their looks it not fair. since majority of these women have to work harder to prove themselves, maybe its okay that their getting a higher pay. right?

Towards the end of the video, it is mentioned that only few US cities have protective laws against discrimination based on appearance. This answered my question about whether anything is being done about this issue. Clearly their is, but its unfortunate that it is not seen as a bigger issue. I learned that some corporations are switching up their hiring process to something similar to the show “The Voice”. Companies have started doing blind interviews in their hiring process so that applicants are judged solely on their job skills.

I can use a lot of what i learned from this video in my IP project. The amount of questions that were answered from such a short clip was remarkable. I just received so much new information that i can grow off of.

 Beauty in sports: Why looks shouldn’t come first for female athletes

Goot, Alexandar. (Aug 22nd 2015). Beauty in sports: Why looks shouldn’t come first for female athletes. Retrieved from


This article and video clip were found on The article discusses beauty in sports which i found interesting since one of my ebsco scholarly articles were based on this very topic.

“when a female athlete is unbeatable, she gets accused of being manly”.


“Rousey is a man amongst women”

this is so unfortunate that if a woman is great at the sport she is doing she is too “manly”, but if she is bad at it then she isn’t doing her job. It seems like a lose-lose situation. One of the examples that the video used when this was mentioned was Serena Williams. It is easily said that she is the best of the best, however, even other competitors whisper about how she is “un-feminin” before competitions. Why is her appearance a factor? she’s good at what she does. this is all that should matter.

“you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t as a female athlete; Dominate your sport and be considered a man or be part of the pack and only get attention if you’re considered attractive.”

One part of the video mentions how Tom Brady is the “poster child” because of his looks, however, he is seen as a great athlete first, then as Gizelles hubby, then as an alleged cheater. His good looks fit in somewhere after all of those. However, its not the same for female athletes. They mention Anna Kornikova and how she was one of the best doubles tennis players, however, many don’t know that because they only knew her because of her looks. She was popular amongst men but that was not because of her scores.


Finding a Fanatic Space

Both of these spaces were created by a girl who goes by the name, Alyssa Forever. What I love about them is that Alyssa makes herself extremely relatable to her viewers. Through Youtube she does, hair, make up and lifestyle videos (mainly for African American women and those of mixed race) that are easy to follow for any person who owns a computer. Through instagram she gives the viewers a deeper look into her life. For years I have watched go from making Youtube videos in her hometown for fun, to actually making a career out of it and moving to LA. Watching her inspires me to look, feel and be my best self and that with hard work and dedication I, too, can fulfill my goals.

BETA draft IP introduction

“Sister, sister, show Emily how to play this!” My little, 3 years old cousin, was sitting on the sofa, her legs was dangling in mid air, calling out for me with her adorable, baby language.   She was playing the “Connect” mini game in an app called “Pou”. “You see this yellow pou, you connect him to the other yellow” – I said. With a serious face, her tiny hands were swiping back and forth on her very own Nexus tablet. “Good job Emily! Just like that you connect others color too. When everything is connected and there are no more spaces left, you win!” This is not an easy game nor I can think of any more simple explanation for her than that. For the first few tries, she only knew to connect corresponding color pous together in the fastest and most straightforward path. Of course, she couldn’t win with just that. I have to lead her exactly where to go. To my amaze, after a while, she was able to finish a game or two on her own, here and there, randomly. She might be lucky, but it was kind of cool, don’t you think? She didn’t even understood the game’s objective yet she still was able to make it on her own. It was the power of gaming that indirectly and visually teaches her what to do through trial and failure; the very powerful power that is capable of  getting a kid who could barely count through such complex puzzle.

Looking at her, I feel like I had came a long way with my life. I realize the distinct difference between my generation and her generation, which also known as the digital natives. They grow up and are fluent with technology like how they would eat and speak. Technology, internet, games are all essential parts of their ordinary life. According to Online Education statistic, 65% of US households play games and gamers are spending around 18 hours on average playing video game per week. Recently, noticing the outburst popularity of video games among kids, researchers starts to look into the beneficial of games and how to utilize it to help kids’ cognitive ability. There are many positive games out in the market already like Minecraft, SimCity, Tycoon Park, etc. Yet to most parents, gaming is a form of entertainment and is a bad tempting for kids because it is often associated with addiction, sedentary lifestyle, violence or anti-social behavior. Although, majority of digital immigrant like parents, educators, politicians perceive gaming as an unfamiliar concept with negative connotation and there is no empirical evidence that shows the effectiveness of game based learning, game based learning is actually designed with a predefined objective and well thought narrative through a powerful context in which students can freely in charge and utilize their applied thinking, dynamically interact with the system and get immediate feedback of their performance, motivate and engage with game play by a mechanism of a reward system while receiving the same educational contents.


In the article “Digital Games in Education”, it mentions an advantage of game based learning over the traditional education fashion is that it is capable of portray a powerful context in which students can engage in the virtual world and having conceptual experience instead of just passively learning definition. “Games are powerful contexts for learning because they make it possible to create virtual worlds, and because acting in such worlds makes it possible to develop the situated understandings, effective social practices, powerful identity, shared values, and ways of thinking of important communities of practice.” I would use engagement factor as one of my supportive evidence of how game based learning is beneficial.

IP Project Blog Post

The Collaborative Interest Inventory assignment was a very useful way to decide on a topic. It was impressive seeing all the topics everybody was able to come up with.  As I was looking through the document and all of its ideas, the main topic that I was most interested in was about all the controversies we are facing. They were all great controversies to research but the one that brings the greatest attention to me is my own; which is about Donald Trump and his immigration views and his opinion on immigrants.  He wants  every immigrant and i mean every single one that is in the United States illegally to be sent back to their country. This is referring more to people from Mexico and he has also made some racial remarks about them calling all of them rapists and murderers.  All of this leads to the topic I would like to do which is about an immigration reform. Over the past years an immigration reform where a possible policy to increase legal immigration has been trying to be passed but has not been successful. The reason I want to do this topic is why not pass this reform? This topic intrigues and interacts with my real life because I myself have parents that are immigrants and family members that this reform could benefit them.    Donald trump as well as other people want to enforce an even stronger border or not support an immigration reform and they have their reasons for it, but I also have reasons as to why do the opposite. I would like to also find the better way to make this reform possible.

Ebsco Host Tutorial Work

Why has non-essentials like toys, phones and computer decrease(annually), while healthy foods get more expensive?

Search combinations I used were American cost, food, healthy diet. The “Food cost, diet and energy balance in the United states” article is a good article to use for my research. The study conducted is supported with census, demographics, actual cost and statistics.

Ebsco Host Tutorial Work

  1. Research Question: How does the advancement of technology effect online privacy?
  2. Search Terms: privacy rights, privacy and security on the internet, technology and privacy, facial recognition privacy
  3. Privacy 2.0: Surveillance in the Digital State is the most promising article because this article consist of very valid points but mostly because it is in a syntax that can be read easily and understandable.

Concept Experience #6 – Fantic Space

One of my favorite Instragramer, itzkohki,  has done a very good job in artistically presenting his hobbies and life to the world. Through online spaces like Instragram, Facebook, and Youtube, he expresses his great great love to travel, cwalk, and skateboard through online spaces. I chose this as an example for my Instragram fantic space rather than other world famous, popular pages because of the down-to-earth feeling in every single content he uploaded. I can see his dedication and passion that he put into his works. He takes time to choose the angle, position, landscape, lightning, and even editing everything by himself. The way he use the pictures he took to tell his journey is inspiring. It makes me feel like to pack up and go experience the world. Another interesting thing I like about Instragram is its hashtag system. It is very cool to see what other people all over the world did at that specific event, or specific place, where I had been.

Fantic Space- Concept Experience

NSA is my fantic space, its informative, visually gripping and ignites the imagination. The site expertly summarize findings in terminology that most readers can understand, while still keeping a scientific(nerdy) atmosphere. Recently, NASA has confirmed the presence of water on Mars, the red desolate planet. This is a once in a lifetime discovery, only through advances in technology are we able to witness such wonders. The site uploads images taken from the most powerful imaging spectrometer(cameras) in existence. Bewitching text, combined with stunning photos solidifies how unconceivably beautiful this discovery really is. 

The fantic space fuels my imagination, being a dreamer, abstractly having something in your head and physically setting eyes on a world is no comparison. I can tell you that daydreaming about snowboarding the slopes of a distance planet, is way more productive when you have a template. What truly attracts me to this site is that the discoveries communicated leaves you feeling appreciatively insignificant.Fantic Space- Concept Experience

Finding a Fantic Space

Aimee Song is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I absolutely love the layout of her site. Its very neat and organized yet it looks so full. She incorporated her style into the layout of her website. Its very simple and chic looking. I also love how everything is so easy to find! Definitely one of my favorite site layouts.

Finding a Fantic Space

I was excited that I was able to choose my favorite online writing voice. Humans of New York has by far the best stories. They range from stories that inspire you, make you laugh and even make you cry. One of their most recent series’ was about refugees. I have read every single post and I have cried after reading each one. They share  the true stories told to them by random people from all over the world. They also include a picture of the storyteller. I have never found a blog that I have found so interesting. It is definitely worth visiting.