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IP 1: How do you live online?

I used to use many different SNS to try out and have fun with. However, later on I ended up using one social network service which is Instagram. I like Instagram because its visual and simple, compare to other services such as Facebook or Twitter. I like to look at pictures more than reading or writing my thoughts down. I think some times images can be more powerful and words.

Moreover, the biggest reason what I really like about Instagram is its simpleness. Facebook used to be very simple but after they changed system and added timeline, it got complicated. Therefore I started to use Instagram more and later ended up deactivating my Facebook account. Nowadays, I only use Instagram.

Usually, on my Instagram, I post my daily stuff and foods I had that day, some times my own art works or working process. I think Instagram help me to be inspired all the time. By looking up some art related hashtags, there are tons of other peoples work to look at and get inspired, and I also post my work with same hashtag, so other people can see works too.

On the other hand, although I enjoy Instagram, I feel like all SNS are so¬†addictive that its hard to stop. When I was really into Facebook, I used to login to Facebook all the time with phone and computer. Even when I was working on my homework, I was not focused on the thing what I supposed to be focused in. Nowadays, I don’t do things like that but try to be careful with it and try to use it as more useful source.