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Real Estate

Rampages provides me with a blank canvas to do whatever I want to the page. Since I have experience with the site, I can navigate it easily and ensure that the project will come out the way I envision.

Real Estate

I chose Atavist because I really liked the sample websites they had on their page. Using this platform kind makes me feel like I’m writing for a real news site…They have several designs that remind me of The Atlantic website, for example. I like how easy it is to put videos, gifs, sounds, images, etc. I plan on using most of these features to make my IP more interesting.

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I chose to do another rampages site because I kind of wanted to keep my work altogether, although it’s another site it’s still a part of rampages and something I’m also familiar with. I changed the theme of the new site so there will be some change to the layout which will be fun to experiment with once I start drafting and writing. I also think it was a god choice to host my paper here because the rampage site for this project makes it the center of attention and its main focus.

IP Social Media’s impact on Law Enforcement


“Real Estate” Search

I choose weebly because I like Justin’s weebly website. It looks clean and organized. Personally, if i’m reading a long article, I would prefer a clean page with good organization. I found that weebly provides more different layouts. I tried several different ones but some of them i just couldn’t understand it and it seems complicated, so I thought that if the website is complicated to me, maybe it will confuse my reader. The one I have now which is the same as justin’s seems more suitable for me. I also want my introduction and body paragraph separated because i think it would be easier for reader to understand. That’s why i chose weebly as my platform. I may try more different layouts while i’m having my finial project.