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Concept Expensive 8

Marina said:”In Brazil they had the national “SATs” which had, for the first time, two questions (one MC and one essay, which is the most valuable part of the test point-wise) about Feminism. The organization behind the test made millions of young adults think about topics such as violence against women, sexual assault, misogyny and so on. This would have never happened 10, 15 years ago, and a lot of people credit this societal change to the people who use the Internet to denounce the ever-so common “machismo” that women suffer from daily in Brazil.” She gave an example to prove that people online can even change the culture so that now people in Brazil can talk about feminism and women issues and even have a test question about it. I know internet is powerful, but i never thought it could literally change something like what i mention in my own comment, the Chinese government would block you from seeing new about feminism. I always like to compare two different culture because this is my advantage. I know how China is and now see how the United State is. Sometime i admire these countries where people can really make a change no matter in real life or online. At least if they work toward it, they will make a difference. But as a Chinese, I can’t, at least not that easy and at least not online. To be an online activism or slactivism seems impossible to me. In this case, internet just a tool to relax. In my own final project, i hope i can add my own experience in it.


Key concept:

  • “Online organization, offline action”
  • “A place for marginalized minds”
  • social medias give you more audience (followers) or antis as a public platfrom


He was very clear about his key concept. Honestly i think that the titles of each sections are his key concepts. I summarized two sections (the naysayers, a feminist forum for the masses) into the last concept I wrote. When i read it again, i think that all these concepts are the climax. He’s really passion about this topic. I can’t pick any specific sentence because i think his article is calling for attention on feminism and addressed that we should take social media as a platform seriously. He wants his voice to be heard.

He didn’t lose me as a reader at all because each sections are closely concentrate to the main idea of his article. I am most interested in that he made me realize that even if the online world is virtual, but those people who at the computer can change the real world through the network. Just like how he addressed his topic, feminism is a real world issue but gets attentions online.

Concept Experience 8

“He makes it his article more intriguing with he videos and pictures he posted to show “physical” evidence about how women/ activist promote feminism such as the video of if women acted like men. ” written by qadirkhana is similar to my thoughts on Justin Tubb’s essay. I think this quote is very explanatory in the sense that it develops and breaks down the essence of Tubb’s essay. It’s informative, concise and clear. It helps the reader clearly understand what Tubb’s is talking about without getting confused or beating around the bush and /or going in circles about a simple thing.

  • Justin ground his argument by providing personal experiences, such as how he came to the topic of feminism. He shares his experiences on social media and develops his main argument by presenting to the reader the importance of social media, already building his case from the foundation.
  • Tubb’s essay is very clear and well written and the use of personal experience makes it more engaging and relatable, therefore I was not lost or uninterested in any part of his essay.
  • I was most interested in the “Marginalized Minds” section because it really branches off the whole personal experience and uses many factors to support his ideas
  • The section where I mostly got a sense of his writing style was at the beginning of his essay, then throughout the essay he did a great job in seeming interested on what he was talking about which made it seem like he was passionate about his topic.

Concept Experience 8

I think that those of us who commented on his essay, all agree that his writing and formatting are very intriguing. The way he designed his project, and the voice he used in his project really stands out and makes the essay even more interesting to read. Marina says “Reading his project was kinda like reading a magazine article with several inserts that complement the text. His writing was excellent and I really liked was how he used Gladwell’s criticism throughout his own text to support his own arguments.” and it seems that most of us can agree with this. Justin was very well-informed of his research topic and did a great job showing that he was well informed and also interested in the topic he was writing about. I like that he broke it up with pictures and videos, because it helped to break up all the writing, and give the reader evidence of feminism through social media.

Key Concepts:

  1. feminism
  2. social media (forums, etc)
  3. online activism
  4. organization of online and offline movements




“I learned that feminism is not a campaign against men, as many people often believe, but a campaign for equality of the sexes. I began recognizing the insensitivity and misogyny that the media and some of the people around me perpetuate.” I think this quote really shows how invested Justin is on his research topic. This quote shows how much he really cares about the topic, and also gives the reader something to sit back and really think about.  I also like this quote he chose from Emma Cullen,  the author of Feminism and Twitter: “women were uniting on common campaigns even though they are situated in different countries.”. This quote does a really good job in helping him with his argument.