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Final Blog Post

          This course taught me a lot about how to get things done through the Internet. Whether it was just for fun or if its for work or research. Normally when I need to look something up or when I need a quick answer, Google is my right hand man. However, in this course I learned that the way you word your search makes the biggest difference. Basically, this course taught me the proper way to use the incredible resource that we have…the computer.

         Our readings gave us background on the computer, its development, the idea behind the development of google, and how online learning affects our education system. Along with learning about the digital world and where it came from, I learned the tricks on how to use it to my advantage. Not only did I get tips from this course, I learned a lot about myself as well.

            Because we were encouraged to think outside of the box and to use our creative minds I discovered a whole new writing style in myself. I learned more about what helps me think creatively. MindMaps would be one example. I learned that there is always a question that can be asked, regardless of how obvious the answer is. The deeper you dig, the further you go, right?

            Overall, this was a tough course. We were definitely pushed to think and get our creative juices flowing. However, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s challenging but it is not overwhelming since we are kept interested throughout. The fact that we had our peers to give us feedback on our posts was very helpful. Most of the changes I made or the ideas I got were suggestions from fellow students. I also loved how I would receive comments from you, professor Boaz. It was reassuring to know that you actually have interest in our work, and its not just and assignment. Your passion for teaching shows, even through an online course and that’s what I think made us students try our best to do the best we can. To conclude- thank you for the great learning experience.