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final blog post: Metaphor

Keep pushing! Although it is a bit hazy, I can just make out the finish line. Some of my peers are finishing a lot stronger than me while others are lagging hard behind. My cross-country running coach used to always say, “J-Roc”, when you see that finish line, it’s time to turn up and push yourself!”.  That is exactly what I have been doing,  going out of this semester panting and heaving. Over the course of this semester, times have been bleak but I’ve made it. Although I wanted to do better, my confidence in writing has improved drastically.

We were given numerous writing assignments this semester. I paced away with valuable information from each one steadily becoming a stronger writer. At first, I read assigned readings and completed nuggets, writing prominent ideals that stood out in passage and summarized what it meant to the writer and me.  My girlfriend was really helpful this semester, I didn’t look forward to getting my  rough drafts reviewed by her. She would mark and slash my paper with a red pen, I now call her “The Butcher”. A part of me feels like she enjoyed it, I know she was only trying help but it made me feel like my writing was lousy.  Most things she pointed out would be the same things that the instructor gave me feedback on, Justin would agree that women do stick together.

The biggest challenge for me was the Final Inquiry project. I used journal articles most often to gather a framework for my final IP assignment. I would jot down notes and free write about different topics that I could focus my papers around. This was the start of my IP writing process.

I started off very strong in my introduction, grabbing the reader’s attention, by the end my topic had waivered and my conclusion wasn’t the strongest. I might may have left the reader feeling confused and unsatisfied. Constructing the paper helped me a lot with the research process, citation, and including strong supportive material.

A devoted dad, full time employee, boyfriend, and student all at the same time is the greatest but most difficult sprint in my life so far. A lot of people have told me that it’s impossible for me to reach the finish line because of my conflicting roles. At times like these, I remember my coach taught me and dig deep to prove them wrong. Here’s for the first step over the finish line, cheers!

4 Reasons Why Healthy food should be a priority

  1. Human Needs
  • Ammons, S-Food justice is a unique perspective that analyzes ” fresh, healthy, affordable food as a human rights issue, similar to the right to availability of clean air and water as a part of their basic human needs.”
  • Every one should be entitled to the same opportunities to obtain healthier foods.2. Health
  • “Health disparities is seeing differences in health across communities, whether be racial disparities, geographic disparities or transgender disparities.”
  • Low income Americans are statically shown to have poorer health than middle, upper middle and wealthy class which can be correlated to diet.                                                  4 Reasons Why Healthy food should be a priority                                             3. Revolutionize the food market
  • “In early 2011, a group of Colby College students surveyed prices for 21 organic and non-organic items at five grocery stores in Waterville. The mean cost for organic items surveyed was 68 percent higher than for non-organic”
  • The reason their is poor quality food in the food markets today is because consumers are buying it. Consumers are casting their votes for poor quality products when purchasing theses products.                        4 Reasons Why Healthy food should be a priority                                                              4. America Image to the World
  • “In Western Europe, most countries have decided that organic agriculture needs special support to bring production [and consumption] up to a significantly higher level,” Dobbs notes. In countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and also at the European Union level, governments contribute to organic markets.
  • The United states of America is a world power but we still appear obese and selfish. A government is nothing without its people, so why not implement contingencies to keep our country healthy.4 Reasons Why Healthy food should be a priority

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I chose rampages for my territory to set up shop. I’ve been experimenting with this site for a few months now to complete academic assignments. I enjoy the website usability that easily allow blog beginners to express individual creativity. Why replace a system that isn’t broken? Easy, you don’t.

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Why has non-essentials like toys, phones and computer decrease(annually), while healthy foods get more expensive?

Search combinations I used were American cost, food, healthy diet. The “Food cost, diet and energy balance in the United states” article is a good article to use for my research. The study conducted is supported with census, demographics, actual cost and statistics.