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I live in Tumblr.

The vast majority of my online life is spent either researching random things that cross my mind, such as pokemon related things or the nearest pizza place, and Tumblr. I absolutely love it. Tumblr has fostered my sense of curiosity, strengthened my critical thinking abilities, and even provided me with quite a few good laughs and stories along the way, like this one.

Tumblr helped to me truly understand feminism, privilege and oppression, gender expression, and so much more. People will knock Tumblr and say how it’s all about “slacktivism” and the people are there don’t actually fact check anything and so on and so forth. However, Tumblr has millions on millions of users. You’re only allowed to follow 5,000 blogs. How could someone possibly know how every single person on there acts? I speak from experience when I say I have truly learned and grown since joining Tumblr almost 5 years ago. I’ve met so many friends on there, and discovered things about friends I have in real life that I never would’ve guessed. Something about Tumblr just allows people to spill their innermost thoughts and secrets. They can really be themselves. People can identify with how they truly feel, whether they be a biromatic, asexual, transgender person of color or a cisgender, heterosexual, white male. I would post links, but I honestly prefer to keep my Tumblr URL private. However, I can say that if it weren’t for Tumblr, I wouldn’t be as open-minded, accepting, socially active and engaged, or even remotely interested in politics. I absolutely live and love my online life on Tumblr.