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How does it feel when I think?


I never thought about how I feel when I am thinking about something before. Yet, definitely I can tell feeling and thinking is related because when I think about something, I the mood comes with it. For instance, When I think about some thing sad I feel sad. When I read a scary book and think about it, I feel scared. So, to answer to the question “How does it feel when I think?” I would say it really depends on what I am thinking.

It seems pretty simple that if I think about good stuff then every thing will be happy, but it’s not. Thinking doesn’t always feel great. In life there are so much things to deal with, and thinking requires me to be guarded all the time.  Some times by thinking so much, I get really stressed.

Brain tells me to be logic and reasonable; however, because I feel when I think at same time I can’t be always logic and reasonable. I can’t really think of metaphor for the way, but maybe I would say the way how I think is my personality.