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I live in Tumblr.

The vast majority of my online life is spent either researching random things that cross my mind, such as pokemon related things or the nearest pizza place, and Tumblr. I absolutely love it. Tumblr has fostered my sense of curiosity, strengthened my critical thinking abilities, and even provided me with quite a few good laughs and stories along the way, like this one.

Tumblr helped to me truly understand feminism, privilege and oppression, gender expression, and so much more. People will knock Tumblr and say how it’s all about “slacktivism” and the people are there don’t actually fact check anything and so on and so forth. However, Tumblr has millions on millions of users. You’re only allowed to follow 5,000 blogs. How could someone possibly know how every single person on there acts? I speak from experience when I say I have truly learned and grown since joining Tumblr almost 5 years ago. I’ve met so many friends on there, and discovered things about friends I have in real life that I never would’ve guessed. Something about Tumblr just allows people to spill their innermost thoughts and secrets. They can really be themselves. People can identify with how they truly feel, whether they be a biromatic, asexual, transgender person of color or a cisgender, heterosexual, white male. I would post links, but I honestly prefer to keep my Tumblr URL private. However, I can say that if it weren’t for Tumblr, I wouldn’t be as open-minded, accepting, socially active and engaged, or even remotely interested in politics. I absolutely live and love my online life on Tumblr.

It feels comforting to think.

When I think, I feel better. I feel stronger, confident, and more comfortable in my current situation. When I think, I escape. Thinking, to me, is an invaluable piece of being human. I consider myself an outgoing introvert, which is a fancy way of saying I can have fun with people but I need my time alone with my thoughts to recharge. I spend every waking moment planning, thinking, organizing, reorganizing, and repeat. I love to think. I sit down, pull out my little notebook, and get to work. I think about the classes I need to take next semester, then I think about what grades I need to get the GPA I want, then I think about what grad schools I want to go. Then I switch gears out of nowhere and start thinking about the next fanfiction I want to write, the next game I want to play, who I want to text and check up on, and when I’m going to go visit home again. When I think, I feel recharged. When I think? It looks a little bit like this

I feel like the world stopped and I’m finally able to take a breather. I

How Does It Feel When You Think?

This is a screenshot from the video game Fallout 3, it’s a great game with lots of random things to do and lots of breaking the laws of physics. At this moment in the game the main character has approached a man who, unbeknownst to him, had a Deathclaw stalking him. In the game whenever you hold a conversation with someone time will stop except for you and the person you’re speaking with. So the main character can speak with this guy for 10 years and he won’t get hungry, sleepy, or eaten by the Deathclaw; however immediately after this conversation is over time will resume and the man will be eaten (maybe you too!).

This is often how I am when I begin to daydream or think. In particular I have at least two modes of thinking. One is my day dream, which usually start off as cognitive and focused but ends up in a completely different place. I can start off being hungry and thinking about food, this can lead me to “healthy vs. unhealthy – what is healthy – who decided what health is – how did thy come to that conclusion – are they still alive – if he/she is dead were they not healthy enough, etc…”. My point is that in this mode of my thinking I can be completely unaware of what is actually going on around me, almost as if time has stopped and nothing matters because I am so immersed in a flow of “what ifs” and “I wonder’s”.

Then there is the other thought which is much more cognitive, focused and planned.I am beginning to write a book on a particular subject that I won’t disclose just yet, but while thinking and researching the ideals, referencing certain points, and defining the goals on the subject I am very conscious of being as accurate as possible. Therefor I do not allow my mind to wander at certain times because it will lead to no progress.

Allen Stone helps me make my point with his song called Circle (the YouTube video at the top). He understands that there is a goal to be reached and he’s trying to get out of the loop.

How do I live online?

I’m an avid user of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, if it’s popular, I’m probably on it. Facebook is my favorite because not only do I get all the news of current events from there I’m also able to watch hilarious videos. My family will always ask what new videos I have to show them when I come home from VCU. I also really enjoy using Snapchat with my friends. It’s fun to send pictures that can only be viewed for a certain time, plus I’m able to add emojis or text. It’s genius. I do think that social media has become a problem in today’s society. It’s sad to see people only looking at their phones instead of conversing with each other. I’m guilty of this sometimes, but I try not to be on my phone if I’m with my family or my boyfriend. There’s only so much time you can spend with your loved ones.

My one remarkable story about Facebook is that I first talked to my significant other on this platform. It’s kind of how we met. I was a freshman in high school, still pretty shy, and he was a new student that moved to Virginia from New York. We would see each other around school and smile, but nothing more until we became “Facebook friends.”

(As I type this I’m a little embarrassed) How do I live online?

He didn’t have a phone so our only way of communication was through Facebook, so I was constantly on, browsing my feed. I became addicted to checking my profile and I had to limit myself from how many times I went online in a certain period. That was a very dark place…How do I live online?

But I finally realized life needed to be lived, not browsed, and instead of hiding behind the computer we both went on dates and are still together to this day. I guess you could say that Facebook was our


How it feels when I think

I think constantly. It is sometimes even hard to concentrate  because I am thinking about so many things all at once. I feel like sometimes I drown in my own thoughts, and sometimes I feel like I can’t come up with any thoughts to save my life. It all depends on the day and mood I’m in. I think there is a huge difference in the way humans and computers “think.” Computers are meticulous and have been programmed to function a certain way. While there may be a similarity between humans being taught how to act by their parents and programmed computers, I think that’s where the similarities end. We, as humans, feel emotions and act on impulse and think freely. I definitely know that I am an emotional thinker, and my heart and mind are connected at all times. Humans are empathetic and have the ability to sympathize with others, something computers cannot do. I do not believe there could even be a way to program computers to do that without it ending like some crazy action movie with robots taking over the world.


How Do I Live Online?

How do I live online?



I’ll admit I am an avid user of social media. It started when I was in 8th grade. I joined Yahoo Answers in 2009, I was just so fascinated at the fact that I could talk to and connect with people who did not go to my school. By 2010 my friend convinced to join Facebook because I was practically the only person at school who did not have one. As of now I am pretty much an avid user of all the major social media networks, i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, I prowl around Facebook from time to time, and I’ve created a couple blogs that are now abandoned.

Out of all of the social media communities I belong to, I would say I enjoy Twitter the most. Twitter feels just like one large community with different sub communities within it. I’ve honestly connected and made friends with people here at VCU through Twitter. I can talk to a stranger on Twitter who is talking about the same topic I am without feeling uncomfortable about it. I can stay up to date on pop culture events as well as gossip and stuff that are happening around VCU. It is honestly so fascinating to me how I can how I can access so much information just by a tap and a scroll on my phone.

I definitely have a few stories from my experience on Twitter. I have had a few encounters with a couple celebrities, I have created tweets that received hundreds of retweets, I even met my ex boyfriend on Twitter haha… However my favorite story would be when I was 15 years old, a couple of my friends, my brother and I all went to a Drake concert (I assume everyone knows who Drake is). When I got to the concert my friends and I were on Twitter and a popular radio station in the DC, Virginia area tweeted that they were holding a contest. The contest was whoever found the radio station booth and shouted out the station would automatically get the chance to meet the rapper J. Cole (who is currently a platinum selling artist and Grammy nominated). My friends and I found the booth in an area of the concert venue that almost seemed abandoned. We walked up and shouted our names out on air and right after that they told us we could meet J. Cole. While I was waiting, I texted a couple of my friends that I knew were at the concert and told them to come to the booth and so they got to meet J. Cole too. I was literally so nervous when I met him, I did not even speak, I just said “hi”. I can honestly say that that may be my favorite Twitter story as of today. Maybe I will have even better stories in the future.

How Does it Feel when I Think?

How does it feel when I think?

The way I think is like Odysseus is the Odyssey. I feel as though I have great ideas, but sometimes I stray from the main goal or purpose of what I’m doing. I can get so easily distracted and then the next thing I know I’m stuck at sea surrounded by Sirens singing sweet nothings in my ear. Of course it does not take me 10 years to get back on track, but it does take me longer than it should.

When I was younger I never found writing to be difficult. If you gave me a topic, I could start writing about it right then and there. However, as I got older it became more and more difficult for me to stay focused on a subject because my mind can get so easily distracted. This does not happen with just writing for me, but practically anything I do. I find myself starting do something and the next thing I know I am doing something completely different without realizing it. This is because when I have one thought, that thought leads to another thought, which lead to another and then another, etc. My mind gets so clouded that I forget the origin of all these new thoughts. I’ve been told that I am an abstract thinker, but I find that to be an inconvenience when it comes to things that I really need to focus on, However, it can beneficial when I have to solve problems. Being in college has really made me learn and understand the way that I learn and understand the way that I think and I am beginning to figure out how to use my thought process to benefit myself not academically, but in life in general.




Inquiry Project (Aug 28)

Yeah! Wechat! Finally get to show everyone this great app! What is it? Here:

For me, maybe for the most of people in China. It’s the most convenient and useful app ever. It’s the best! The reason I like it because it’s FREE. Well, I know it’s not enough reason since there are so many apps are free. Let me show you some pictures then you’ll see why I like it the most.

The profile picture is my dog’s paw! Is it big compare with my hand next to it? Haha I love him! I set it in english for everyone to understand it. On the right side, if you go to “moment”. You will see all your friend’s moment in it. What are they doing, reading, listening or watching. As long as they post it there. No matter picture, video, article or music, you will see it! Another name for “moment” is friend circle. Obviously, the circle only has your friend. So it’s not a public space. Only your friend can see your post, comment it, share it or like it. And also, you can block someone from seeing your post just in case you add someone by “force”. That one of reasons why I like it. I don’t have to deal with strangers.

In “wallet”, you can binding your credit or debit card to your account. You can transfer money so easily to your friend. There are so many restaurants in China that you can use “wechat” to pay the check and sometimes you get some off! Isn’t it great? My mom just so excited about it. This summer when we went to a restaurant the first thing she asked is not the menu but “Can I pay by wechat? What? You are telling me no? Ask your manager i think it should be yes!”

Inquiry Project (Aug 28)

Sticker Gallery! Just like emoji but it has more emotions than emoji. You can download stickers from the sticker gallery, you also can save sticker from your friend which you found interesting. (internet sticker, can be jpg or gif). I have so many silly stickers from my friend. Silly us.

Inquiry Project (Aug 28)Inquiry Project (Aug 28)



I use it everyday. It’s the connection between my family, my friends and I. I have a family group (mom, dad and I). I chat with my parent everyday and sometime with all my family members since they all use it (My family members are in another group called “NO”. I don’t know who named it and why…) They share pictures, l will like it. They share article, I will read it. They share music, I will listen to it. It makes feel like that I’m not that far away from home. I’m not in another world. I can get in touch with them everyday, every minute and every second.

Inquiry Project (Aug 28)Inquiry Project (Aug 28)


I just chat with my friend he’s in Indianan. He told me that he got text book on “taobao” (a chinese shopping has everything) for 8 dollars, but it costs 180 dollars in America! Shhhh… That’s a secret, I got a lot of things cheap from it too. By the way, if you are curious about it you can ask me for that website ! Inquiry Project (Aug 28) Made in China!

The red dots on the bottom shows you how many message or moment you haven’t read. Anyway, this is my online life. It doesn’t mean a social media to me but a tangible China especially when I am here in America. (even my cute nana is using it!) I know what’s going on there. I know what family event they are going to have. I know how big the baby is now. Thanks to the technology. I Miss them.


Hi Thoughtvectors 074!

A shout out to all of you for your patience and perseverance this first full week of our online class.  Rampages has presented challenges for some of you, and navigating the site AND our class site (and migrating away from your comfortable experience with Blackboard) has presented challenges for others. Happily, 15 of your blogs are syndicated on our class blog home page for EASY access!

I have made some adjustments to the Daily Syllabus to address some confusion about the Concept Experiences for this week.  We are in the process of editing some of our earlier assignments, so I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself in an earlier version of the Daily Syllabus.  Checking in with the syllabus today (after NOON on Friday Aug 28), you will see that the upcoming week’s assignments are a bit more specific and labeled.  I hope this clears up any confusion.

To make things easier, I have (and will continue) to number all Nugget and Concept Experience posts.  For the first 8 weeks of the course, you can expect to have new readings due every WED of the week, followed by a Nugget blog post assignment and a Concept Experience blog post assignment (which will be numbered consecutively throughout the duration of the course).

This general progression makes sense if you think about it.  First you have to read a new article or essay, which takes time and effort (since our readings are not easy).  Then you will choose one piece of the reading to examine more closely (Nugget post).  Afterwards, you will work with a concept presented in the new reading (Concept Experience post).  Often we will try to make these concept experiences relevant (or more visible) to the work you do on the Internet in your own lives.

I am excited to read your blog posts — I’ve dipped into the blogs and commented on about 3 – 5 each day — completely randomly at this point.  As you noticed, your most recent blog posts are syndicated on our class blog site, so it’s easy to check out a few posts when you log in.  I always enjoy the “How does it feel when I think” post, as well as the “How do I live online” posts, because both give me a glimpse about who you are as writers, thinkers, and Internet dwellers.

This weekend you be asked to find some of your peer’s blogs to comment on — see Daily Assignments.  You will be responsible for documenting your online commentary and participation in this class, so please keep track of the blogs you comment on (I suggest making notes in a Word document that you keep on your desktop).

I expect frequent engaged commentary on blogs — and if you plan to get an A on the participation component of the course grade, you should comment on MORE than the assigned comment assignments I make.  The blogs provide a space for class “discussion” and without commentary on blog posts, “discussion” doesn’t happen.  So — you will not have discussion board posts in the traditional sense of Blackboard — your blog commentary IS your class discussion. Please comment insightfully and often on a range of your peer’s posts.

Thinking ahead: all Inquiry Projects in #thoughtvectors sections of Univ 200 will be developed around some kind of digital media focus.  This actually gives you a wide range of possibilities.  Any topic that interests you, also lives in some space online.  Your weekly concept and inquiry project posts will help you explore your interests and find a topic.  Stay open to possibilities!

CLICK “leave a reply” on this post if you have a question or comment for me (or the class!)


In this link you will find a tutorial about how to MANAGE YOUR COMMENTS on your blog:

Managing Comments:

I have been receiving emails from students who are concerned that they are commenting on their peers’ blog posts, but their comments are not appearing or they get the notice “awaiting moderation.”  Unless you plan to check your blog EVERY day to moderate and approve comments, you will need to change your setting to ALLOW comments on your blog posts.

Please watch the above tutorial.  In the “Before a Comment Appears” heading, please de-select (or UNcheck) BOTH boxes (“comment must be manually approved” AND “comment author must have a previously approved author”). This will allow all of your comments to appear under your post automatically.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.43.47 PM

If you watch the entire tutorial, Dr Reed shows you how to disallow comments on a specific post in the case where you may not want student comments — and this is an option for posts that you personally want to manage comments on. (Sometimes you write a post and do not want comments on for one reason or the other).

I encourage you to watch other Tutorials on Dr. Reed’s page if they address problems you are having with your Rampages blog.

“How do I live Online?”

It is amazing the amount of apps there are today that people use to communicate and interact with. The world wouldn’t be t he same without apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc.   I use many of those; since I am a person that loves music whenever I want to hear a song I go to Youtube. or Pandora Youtube has been around for many years and I never thought it would stay free till this day. I like Pandora but it was better when it had unlimited skips.  Spotify is also a great app for music but as well as Pandora you have to pay a monthly fee to have all the great features.

I have a tendency to use Twitter and Instagram as well to see what friends are up to and also post a picture of something interesting Im doing but not to often. The one I find myself using more and I the one I think is more beneficial to me is Facebook. The reason why it benefits me more is because I have many relatives in Mexico and since my relatives over there use Facebook more than any other app I can easily communicate with them form here.  Ive had Facebook for around six or seven years, and since it first came out the ways to communicate with people has definitely improved.  For example now you can even call people using Facebook , something you weren’t able to do in the past years. “How do I live Online?”

All of the apps out there are great for people to interact and communicate.