Concept Experience 3

Connect your Colleagues Concept Experience

This concept experience requires that you read some of your peer’s blogs and try to find some kind of creative connections between two of them.

This doesn’t mean finding two people who write blog posts about the same content  (you are ALL writing about the same readings and topics).  It means trying to make some other association between their ideas beyond the topic of their post.

Write a Concept Experience blog post describing two surprising associative trails that you can identify among two of your thoughtvector colleagues’ posts, and link them meaningfully. (Exercise your permalink muscles and generate pingbacks.)  Develop your ideas about how these two bloggers’ ideas intersect.

Create links to both of your colleague’s blog posts in YOUR post.  (The only way I can see the connection you present is if I can see the posts of the two bloggers you reference).  If you do not know how to embed a hyperlink in your blog, watch the tutorial again on “hyperlinks.”   tag: concept experience, associative trails

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