IP 1: How do you live online?

Inquiry Project 1: How do you live online?

Every week, in addition to working on your nugget and concept experience assignments, you will be thinking about, browsing the internet, reading, and blogging about your Inquiry Project.

Finding what you want to wonder about, then study, research, blog about, and create is a recursive, ongoing process. Good project ideas don’t just appear to you (like that light bulb image we all have). You don’t just wake up and say: I think I’ll create x. Good ideas have to mull around a bit, like a good soup on a stove. Your job is to tend to the soup – stir it up, add ingredients, show it some love and attention.

Okay, I suppose that is a bad analogy for you guys. Do any of you even make soup?

How about this: your job is to work at your Inquiry Project in the same way you work at Candy Crush Saga – earning boosters, building your score, calculating your moves, paying attention to the edges of the board, progressing through the levels If you lose enough lives in the game by being inattentive or sloppy – well you can’t play anymore (or something like that – all of this information I got from the internet, since I don’t play Candy Crush Saga). Maybe this is a bad analogy too, but you get the idea. You have to be attentive and WORK at your Inquiry Project with an ongoing, engaged commitment.

My job is to help nudge your thinking along about your Inquiry Project, helping you to find and nurture your own creative ideas. I don’t want to be too prescriptive in my nudging (even though I always have a few students who just want me to tell them what they must write about – which is so stifling that I can’t imagine they really mean it).

I hope to keep the Inquiry Project Blog Assignments open-ended to encourage you to be free enough to imagine and plan, but also provide you enough direction that all that freedom doesn’t feel too scary. (Well you know what Janis Joplin said about freedom anyway, right?)

Because my nudging is directly related to what you guys produce each week, I can’t post a list of Inquiry Project Blog Assignments on the first day of class. I will be crafting my “nudging” based what I identify as your needs as you blog each week about your Inquiry Project.

Later, as you begin creating your project, the Inquiry Project Assignments will become more directive and specific – find, read, and blog about scholarly articles related to your project, for example; or find a social media platform that has taken up your project idea and blog about it. You get the idea.

But for now, you just need to think, wonder, explore and reflect about what digital media is, and what role it plays in your own life.

Social-Media-Icons-RoundInquiry Project Blog Post Assignments:

IP 1 ASSIGNMENT:  In this first week, I want you think about your internet, digital, and social media use. In your blog post, share with all of us ONE online point of participation that you value. You likely have many points of participation,  ut I want you to choose the space you use often and most value, the space that interests you enough to blog about.

Are you an Instagrammer? Then tell us about this Instagram “life” you have – why do you like it? How do you participate? What do you gain from it? What makes it meaningful to you? Do you lurk a particular Reddit subreddit (or MANY subreddits) –then tell us about this life as a Reddit lurker. Why does lurking suit you? What do you gain from it? What have you learned? What fascinates you?

Maybe you think you don’t participate online in ANY meaningful way. So that’s the thing you think about. Why do you avoid it? What feels “less important” about it than other things you DO engage in? Tell us about how you feel about any kind of digital media you HAVE experienced. Why or how has digital media failed you?

Remember digital Media is anything: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Apps like Tinder, Yik Yak, Reddit, Online Chat Forums (sports, music, fashion), gifs, memes, Tinder, online dating sites, blogs, meet up groups, any online “space” that you use and/or visit is yours to think about and tell us stories about in your first Inquiry Project blog post.

Yep, I said stories. Because stories are at the heart of most good writing. They help us make meaning and they make a bigger impact on readers than broad generalizations. We need personal anecdotes in your blog reflection that show us your life as a Sports Forum addict or Facebooker or Snapchat user. I can imagine some of these stories are funny, some are confessional (in a bemused sort of way), some may be couched in rants or confusion or avid arguments. It doesn’t matter – as long as you write with passion and a genuine voice about your experiences.

You: how do you live online?

Images, screenshots, gifs, any and all relevant media and links encouraged. TAG your post by the social or digital media you are blogging about. #Twitter #Snapchat #Reddit – etc.  Also tag: #IP1 #tv074

This way you can search tags and find others in the class who use the same media that you do.

Categories:  (name of online site you’ve blogged about #Twitter #Snapchat, etc.  2nd Category: InquiryProject.

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