Reflection and Commitment to IP Project

Reflection on Interest Inventory and IP:  In this blog post, you should reflect on and commit to an Inquiry Project focus,. To do this, I’d like to hear some of your perceptions about past week’s thinking experiences, and whether they helped you discover new ideas for the Inquiry Project, or confirm old ideas, or something else.

Did the Collaborative Interest Inventory Project help you generate ideas that you hadn’t thought about?  How does the lens of digital media intersect with your own interests? For example, if you are interested in free range parenting, then where would you find talk about this topic online?  How does it get represented in online spaces?

What topics on the interest inventory generated the most interesting streams of thought for you?  What ideas — or collection of ideas — could you spend your valuable time exploring?  (If the idea isn’t awesome, it doesn’t deserve your time, right!?  Find the thing you most desire to wonder about (as long as its digital media related).  Maybe the Concept Experience game/video generated ideas for an issue you want to explore.

Based on your thinking in class so far, what do you want to spend the rest of semester EXPLORING,  IMAGINING,  QUESTIONING and CREATING in your Inquiry Project? Blog about this!!

What do you most want to know?  Why does this thing you most want to know intrigue you?  How does this thing you most want to know intersect with your “real” life (or your digital life — or are these two lives even the same lives?)  Why is this thing you want to understand worthy of your attention and hard work?