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It feels comforting to think.

When I think, I feel better. I feel stronger, confident, and more comfortable in my current situation. When I think, I escape. Thinking, to me, is an invaluable piece of being human. I consider myself an outgoing introvert, which is a fancy way of saying I can have fun with people but I need my time alone with my thoughts to recharge. I spend every waking moment planning, thinking, organizing, reorganizing, and repeat. I love to think. I sit down, pull out my little notebook, and get to work. I think about the classes I need to take next semester, then I think about what grades I need to get the GPA I want, then I think about what grad schools I want to go. Then I switch gears out of nowhere and start thinking about the next fanfiction I want to write, the next game I want to play, who I want to text and check up on, and when I’m going to go visit home again. When I think, I feel recharged. When I think? It looks a little bit like this


I feel like the world stopped and I’m finally able to take a breather. I

How Does It Feel When You Think?

This is a screenshot from the video game Fallout 3, it’s a great game with lots of random things to do and lots of breaking the laws of physics. At this moment in the game the main character has approached a man who, unbeknownst to him, had a Deathclaw stalking him. In the game whenever you hold a conversation with someone time will stop except for you and the person you’re speaking with. So the main character can speak with this guy for 10 years and he won’t get hungry, sleepy, or eaten by the Deathclaw; however immediately after this conversation is over time will resume and the man will be eaten (maybe you too!).

This is often how I am when I begin to daydream or think. In particular I have at least two modes of thinking. One is my day dream, which usually start off as cognitive and focused but ends up in a completely different place. I can start off being hungry and thinking about food, this can lead me to “healthy vs. unhealthy – what is healthy – who decided what health is – how did thy come to that conclusion – are they still alive – if he/she is dead were they not healthy enough, etc…”. My point is that in this mode of my thinking I can be completely unaware of what is actually going on around me, almost as if time has stopped and nothing matters because I am so immersed in a flow of “what ifs” and “I wonder’s”.

Then there is the other thought which is much more cognitive, focused and planned.I am beginning to write a book on a particular subject that I won’t disclose just yet, but while thinking and researching the ideals, referencing certain points, and defining the goals on the subject I am very conscious of being as accurate as possible. Therefor I do not allow my mind to wander at certain times because it will lead to no progress.

Allen Stone helps me make my point with his song called Circle (the YouTube video at the top). He understands that there is a goal to be reached and he’s trying to get out of the loop.

How it feels when I think

I think constantly. It is sometimes even hard to concentrate  because I am thinking about so many things all at once. I feel like sometimes I drown in my own thoughts, and sometimes I feel like I can’t come up with any thoughts to save my life. It all depends on the day and mood I’m in. I think there is a huge difference in the way humans and computers “think.” Computers are meticulous and have been programmed to function a certain way. While there may be a similarity between humans being taught how to act by their parents and programmed computers, I think that’s where the similarities end. We, as humans, feel emotions and act on impulse and think freely. I definitely know that I am an emotional thinker, and my heart and mind are connected at all times. Humans are empathetic and have the ability to sympathize with others, something computers cannot do. I do not believe there could even be a way to program computers to do that without it ending like some crazy action movie with robots taking over the world.


How Does it Feel when I Think?

How does it feel when I think?

The way I think is like Odysseus is the Odyssey. I feel as though I have great ideas, but sometimes I stray from the main goal or purpose of what I’m doing. I can get so easily distracted and then the next thing I know I’m stuck at sea surrounded by Sirens singing sweet nothings in my ear. Of course it does not take me 10 years to get back on track, but it does take me longer than it should.

When I was younger I never found writing to be difficult. If you gave me a topic, I could start writing about it right then and there. However, as I got older it became more and more difficult for me to stay focused on a subject because my mind can get so easily distracted. This does not happen with just writing for me, but practically anything I do. I find myself starting do something and the next thing I know I am doing something completely different without realizing it. This is because when I have one thought, that thought leads to another thought, which lead to another and then another, etc. My mind gets so clouded that I forget the origin of all these new thoughts. I’ve been told that I am an abstract thinker, but I find that to be an inconvenience when it comes to things that I really need to focus on, However, it can beneficial when I have to solve problems. Being in college has really made me learn and understand the way that I learn and understand the way that I think and I am beginning to figure out how to use my thought process to benefit myself not academically, but in life in general.




“Your’re so brilliant”…uuhh…okay?

Flat faced and heavy browed I naturally hold a stern facial appearance. Combined with my quiet and reserved personality unintentionally leads acquaintances to thinking I’m some theorist, calculator or amazingly bright individual.

I frequently receive praise from friends and co-workers,”Your always calculating man, probably some complex physic’s equation” or “When you solve the global warming crisis, don’t forget about your friends”. Truthfully, I’m quite the dreamer. I sit quietly in the break room or first row in class, sure I’m their physically but consciously I’m in “Imagination Land”.

Sorry, things are not what they appear to be…lol!

How It Feels To Think

I’ve always found it very interesting that a thought cannot be measured. This concept was brought to my attention by one of my favorite wacky scientists, Terence McKenna. We know it’s there because we can experience it.  We can’t transfer thoughts between brains, but a brain can create its own thought based on the original. Our thoughts have an internalized affect on our body, and can have an external affect through movement and speech. Thoughts do not feel made, but discovered. Thinking feels like exploration, like stumbling upon a new place. Terence McKenna also said that if you can imagine it, it must have existed at some time in some place. I’m sure that statement will never be proven, but it has stuck with me all the same.

(an illustration of a few thoughts)

“How does it feel when you think?”

How does it feel when i think? Well with all the stress I get from things like school, work, and many other things makes it really had to even the time to think.  For me thinking usually leads to me having anxiety at the moment when I start thinking every thing that I have to turn in, when I have to be at work, when I have to pay a certain bill and if I will even have enough money and so on, but there are rings that hop me relax and make it easier for me to think like music for example or going on a run .

This quotes describes me well in how I think. When I have a lot going on that doesn’t let me think like I want to, I go and do things that  enjoy doing like going to play soccer or going for a run, or simply just lay in bed and listen to music that relaxes me and lets me think straight.


How does it feel when I think


So this is how I feel when I think. A mess. Maybe this is how all the women will think when they are shopping, but for me, it’s not only at shopping time, but also in daily life. I’m very struggle about everything.  My brain, my thoughts are just like tangled threads. Each thread is one of my nerve. It supposed to ends at some point and never get tangled together, but who knows, it suddenly get messed up when I think. Sometimes I get frustrated just because I can’t think a solution to solve the problem that made by myself which is not even a big deal. But human brain is like a tangled thread, isn’t it?


How does it feel when I think


However, although my brain is a tangled thread, I still need to solve problems with it just like untangle the thread. There is only one way to untangle each thread unless you cut it and throw it away. This is also how I feel when I think. A certain system just like a certain way. Sometimes I feel like that I have to follow a way to do things, or this persistent disturbing unreasonable system will stay in my mind all day and ruin the day. Is it called obsession? Maybe a little bit I think. Just like the picture below, when the new day starts, there are blocks in my mind just like my system. I color it by finish my work, color by color, line by line, step by step and not interacting with others.Then it will ends up as a prefect painting. A nice day.

How does it feel when I think



How Does It Feel When I Think?

My brain never stops thinking. When I’m reading, watching TV, doing dishes, there’s always something in the back of my mind. Most of the time it’s trivial, unimportant stuff: I gotta remember to take the trash out…Note to self: when you grab your purse, grab your lunchbox…Did I brush my teeth already??? And so it goes… Sometimes, though, I get caught up in thoughts that make me miserable: What am I gonna do if I don’t get into grad school??? What if I miss my connecting flight and they lose my bags like they did last year??? This cycle of ruminating and commiserating could go on for hours, but I’ve learned not to dwell on the unpredictable. Or at least I try not to.

Charlie Brown gets me

Sometimes when I think about things I saw, read or heard of I empathize so much I end up with feelings that are someone else’s. I’ll explain with this example: a couple of months ago I read The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule, which is her first hand account of her relationship with her friend and later serial killer Ted Bundy. The book is very dark and Rule spares no gory details of how Bundy kidnapped, tortured and murdered several young women. Bundy’s last victim, and the one he ended up on death row for, was a 12 year-old Florida girl named Kimberly Leach. Rule’s description of her murder scene is disturbing to say the least. I couldn’t stop thinking about how horrible Kimberly’s last hours were, and this got me in such a foul mood that all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep. Thinking too much about experiences that are (thankfully) not mine affects my mood in ways I wish it didn’t. Perhaps I should stop reading so many true crime novels and get into Nicholas Sparks or something like that.

How Does It Feel When I Think?

        Ted Bundy deep in thought during his trial in 1979. What has he feeling?

But please don’t think I’m crazy; I have good thoughts too! It always amazes me how my brain works on solving problems when I’m not even aware of them. Let’s say I have something that needs my attention, like a good idea for an argumentative essay. If I try to force myself to come up with something, I simply can’t. But if I leave the problem for a while and go do something else, most of the time I’ll suddenly have an insight pop in my head and there it is! just the idea I needed. It turns out that’s actually a thing and it’s called “unconscious cognition.” The unconscious part of our brain stays working even when our awareness is reduced, and that’s how those “aha!” moments come to be. So for future reference, when you get stuck on your homework, by all means, go browse Facebook. Your brain will still be working even if you can’t feel anything.


How Does It Feel When I Think


I’ve never really thought about how it feels to think. There is a feeling, a thinking feeling, but that changes with each thought. Sometimes it’s pleasant, and sometimes you just can’t stop thinking and the horrible feeling you get from the thoughts wont stop. My best “thinking feelings” come when I have new ideas, when I’m creating something wonderful, or when I know I am solving any type of problem correctly. This would be considered interest, a thinking emotion. This is when I don’t want to stop thinking. My mind is exploring and it’s a great feeling. I also enjoy the late night thoughts. When I’m lying in bed late at night and I have a million thoughts a minute. This ranges from thoughts about the meaning of life and philosophy to what I want to wear to work tomorrow. It’s a good feeling, its like free-falling through your thoughts. It’s relaxing, up until I start to worry. This is when thinking becomes unpleasant for me. Thinking isn’t always sunshine and happiness, it can become quite unpleasant, hard and regretful. This is when I do anything I can to stop thinking. For example, when I worry, I feel unpleasant. I become upset, stressed, and very anxious.

In the end, thinking emotions can change in a second, it all just comes down to the thoughts.