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Hi Thoughtvectors 074!

A shout out to all of you for your patience and perseverance this first full week of our online class.  Rampages has presented challenges for some of you, and navigating the thoughtvectors.net site AND our class site (and migrating away from your comfortable experience with Blackboard) has presented challenges for others. Happily, 15 of your blogs are syndicated on our class blog home page for EASY access!

I have made some adjustments to the Daily Syllabus to address some confusion about the Concept Experiences for this week.  We are in the process of editing some of our earlier assignments, so I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself in an earlier version of the Daily Syllabus.  Checking in with the syllabus today (after NOON on Friday Aug 28), you will see that the upcoming week’s assignments are a bit more specific and labeled.  I hope this clears up any confusion.

To make things easier, I have (and will continue) to number all Nugget and Concept Experience posts.  For the first 8 weeks of the course, you can expect to have new readings due every WED of the week, followed by a Nugget blog post assignment and a Concept Experience blog post assignment (which will be numbered consecutively throughout the duration of the course).

This general progression makes sense if you think about it.  First you have to read a new article or essay, which takes time and effort (since our readings are not easy).  Then you will choose one piece of the reading to examine more closely (Nugget post).  Afterwards, you will work with a concept presented in the new reading (Concept Experience post).  Often we will try to make these concept experiences relevant (or more visible) to the work you do on the Internet in your own lives.

I am excited to read your blog posts — I’ve dipped into the blogs and commented on about 3 – 5 each day — completely randomly at this point.  As you noticed, your most recent blog posts are syndicated on our class blog site, so it’s easy to check out a few posts when you log in.  I always enjoy the “How does it feel when I think” post, as well as the “How do I live online” posts, because both give me a glimpse about who you are as writers, thinkers, and Internet dwellers.

This weekend you be asked to find some of your peer’s blogs to comment on — see Daily Assignments.  You will be responsible for documenting your online commentary and participation in this class, so please keep track of the blogs you comment on (I suggest making notes in a Word document that you keep on your desktop).

I expect frequent engaged commentary on blogs — and if you plan to get an A on the participation component of the course grade, you should comment on MORE than the assigned comment assignments I make.  The blogs provide a space for class “discussion” and without commentary on blog posts, “discussion” doesn’t happen.  So — you will not have discussion board posts in the traditional sense of Blackboard — your blog commentary IS your class discussion. Please comment insightfully and often on a range of your peer’s posts.

Thinking ahead: all Inquiry Projects in #thoughtvectors sections of Univ 200 will be developed around some kind of digital media focus.  This actually gives you a wide range of possibilities.  Any topic that interests you, also lives in some space online.  Your weekly concept and inquiry project posts will help you explore your interests and find a topic.  Stay open to possibilities!

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In this link you will find a tutorial about how to MANAGE YOUR COMMENTS on your blog:


Managing Comments:  http://www.screencast.com/users/KRReed/folders/Default/media/7499bfae-2262-471e-af3a-6de9653d8d97

I have been receiving emails from students who are concerned that they are commenting on their peers’ blog posts, but their comments are not appearing or they get the notice “awaiting moderation.”  Unless you plan to check your blog EVERY day to moderate and approve comments, you will need to change your setting to ALLOW comments on your blog posts.

Please watch the above tutorial.  In the “Before a Comment Appears” heading, please de-select (or UNcheck) BOTH boxes (“comment must be manually approved” AND “comment author must have a previously approved author”). This will allow all of your comments to appear under your post automatically.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.43.47 PM

If you watch the entire tutorial, Dr Reed shows you how to disallow comments on a specific post in the case where you may not want student comments — and this is an option for posts that you personally want to manage comments on. (Sometimes you write a post and do not want comments on for one reason or the other).

I encourage you to watch other Tutorials on Dr. Reed’s page if they address problems you are having with your Rampages blog.