Assignments Week 8

DUE  M  OCT 19

Research Blog Post: Deep diving research blog post due (see criteria in Week 7). Read: Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg “Personal Dynamic Media”

Nugget Blog post: Find a nugget from “Personal Dynamic Media” that you can intersect in some way (even if it feels “tangential”) with your Inquiry Project. Make the nugget meaningful to YOUR Inquiry Project by writing about the intersections between the nugget and your project.

Read:  Read this student blog post, as it represents intelligent, creative thinking about two of Kay and Goldberg’s “nugget” ideas:


Concept Experience 7: “My Project Among the Course Thinkers.”  See the Concept Experience here.    Use Word, MapMup, or another mapping tool to complete these concept experience.  Embed your map in the Concept Experience Post.  TAG your post:  Tag your post “synthesis” (I’m sorry I’m late with this tag.  If you have completed Concept Exp 7, please go back to the post to edit it, and ADD the tag “synthesis.”

FRI OCT 23   The assignment below was posted late; hence the due date is M Oct 26:

Revise your Concept Exp 7 to include TAG:  See above.  Tag your Concept 7 (MindMup) post “Synthesis”

Read:  Justin Tubb’s “Feminists for the 21st Century:  How Slactivists Can Change the World,” found here:

Leave Comment:  Justin was a former #thoughtvectors student, and his final IP Project is exemplary in many ways. After reading his essay, leave a comment on the post on the home page of our blog site.

Prompts for your comment:  What does Justin do that impresses you, in terms of design?  What does he do that impresses you in terms of writing?  Finally, where would you say is the climax of his argument?  (“Climax” is a literary term usually reserved for fiction, but I would like for you to identify the climax to his argument.  Follow the link on “climax” to get a definition of it, if you don’t remember this word from previous English classes). After identifying what you see as the “climax” to his argument, make a brief case for WHY.

Try to do your own thinking in the comment sections and not simply repeat previous comments.