Assignments Weeks 4 & 5

Week 4

DUE MON September 7   (Labor Day);

Labor Day is an official university holiday, so you may choose to complete Monday’s assignments for Tuesday Sept 8 without penalty.

Concept Experience:  “Formulated vs. Formulative” concept experience. blog post.

Add to the Collaborative Interest Inventory:  Assignment under “Inquiry Project” heading and here.   This inventory is a collective brainstorming list — where we try, as a class, to generate ways that many/all issues relate to the digital / technology / Internet world.  You will have to choose an Inquiry Project focus next week, so this work is an attempt to generate a range of ideas for you to choose from.

DUE WED September 9, THUR Sept 10
Read at least these excerpts from Doug Engelbart, “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework”:  Link to Engelbart readings here.  (and under “Readings” heading).

Chapter I, “Introduction,” parts A (“General”) and B (“Objective of the Study”)
Chapter II, “Conceptual Framework,” parts A (“General”) and B (“The Basic Perspective”)
Chapter III, “Examples and Discussion,” part A (“Background”) sections 2 (“Comments Related To Bush’s Article” and 3 (“Some Possibilities with Cards and Relatively Simple Equipment”)
Nothing from Chapter IV
Chapter V, “Summary” (all)
Chapter VI, “Conclusions” (all)
You should also watch some of “The Mother Of All Demos.” There’s a nice set of highlights made by SRI International that’s great as an overview.

DUE FRI Sept 11

Nugget blog post:  Take a key nugget from Engelbart, making the nugget from “Augmenting Human Intellect” as meaningful as possible. Don’t forget the links (make them interesting, make them revelatory, make them creative).

Play: Play “Concept Experience Game” under Concept Experiences heading on our class blog’s home page.  The only way I will know you’ve played is by the question you leave on the final page of the game — so please leave an insightful, interesting question as a reply to the last step in the game.

Blog Comments: Comment on 2 other”Analyzing the Obvious” blog posts from peers in this class.  You can find these by scrolling down on our home page, and looking at the most recent posts.  If you get to a post that already has 3 or more comments, please exit that blog and scroll down to find a blog post with fewer or no comments.  Note: If a blogger has not posted this assignment, he/she misses the opportunity to get commentary on his/her posts.  People that post on time end up getting lots of comments — late posters, get no comments.  No comments = a blog that no one is reading, and a sad thing for you.  Please do your work on time! 

Week 5

DUE Mon Sept 14

Begin work on Concept Experience 5:  Work on making a conceptual network out of all of the writing and reading you’ve done so far.  See assignment here (and under Concept Experience tab on our class site).  This concept experience will take more time (and creativity!) than previous experiences, so begin working on it this weekend.

IP Project Blog Post:  In this week’s IP blog post, you should reflect on the Interest Inventory Google doc that the class worked on to raise as many research topic ideas as possible.  If you posted to this document early, you should return to it to see the range of ideas / topics / questions you raised.  (Assignment under “Inquiry Project” heading and here.)  If you did not add to this list, you should do so immediately.

Concept Experience #5, which you should begin this weekend, asks you to go back through all of your blogging and reading this semester.  This experience will lead you to naturally rethink a range of issues related to digital media / Internet amazingness.  As you begin this work, complete the Reflection and Commitment to IP Project Blog Post  This is the post where you informally commit to your IP project broad topic.   CATEGORY for this post: IP

DUE Wed Sept 16

No new reading this week.  Engelbart reading is difficult; you have to decide on and commit to your IP broad focus, which will likely require more reading and internet research; and Concept Experience #5 is more demanding than usual.

Complete Concept Experience 5:  Complete Concept Experience #5: a conceptual network out of all of the writing and reading you’ve done so far.  See assignment here (and under Concept Experience tab on our class site).

DUE Fri Sept 18

IP Project Blog Post:  Complete the IP Project Call for Response blog post (also found under “Inquiry Project” tab on home page). This post requires that you use a heuristic to state your topic and research question, and to call for responses from your peers about your research statement.  It also requires Internet research to find two articles that inform your early thinking and rouse your curiosity about your research topic.

DUE MON Sept 28

READ ALL IP Project Blog post CALL for RESPONSES (due Friday Sept 18).  You can find the blog posts of those students who have done this work below the IP Project Call for Response page.  The assignment ask all of you to post your blog url for the call for response post as a REPLY on the assignment page linked above.

Comment on ALL IP Project Blog Call for Response posts submitted by Friday Sept 18 at 11:59 pm.  Please raise new questions and research directions for the writer in your reply on his/her call for response blog posts.



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