Final Revision Memo

When I decided to choose a theme, I was in trouble because there were too many choices. I finally picked a few topics that I was interested in, but I don’t know that this semester will complete a series of projects based on the theme I chose most. Secondly, the idea of your choice is more difficult. When searching for paper resources, there is less information available to choose from. Cloning this topic is too professional and academic.

When I looked at the resources, I found it difficult to read the articles. However, I only need to narrow down my theme, so it will be much simpler when writing material, such as focusing on the topic of cloning humans. When searching for the subject of human cloning, I will also search for clones of organs, as this will connect to my topic. As for the amount of information is too large, the content is too professional. I chose to use the directory to find the information I needed. The information is difficult to read. I read the material selectively to see the arguments and conclusions of the article. In general, I am not satisfied with the theme of the project I chose. Because I understand this project now, I will use different methods to complete this topic and use a more reasonable way to deal with the problem. In the process of completing this course, as a writer, I got some skills. In combination with the textbooks, I know how to look at the problem from the perspective of the reader, and present my point of view from the reader’s point of view, so that my arguments can be more understandable to the reader. Because I need to check a lot of information, I also understand how to find information more effectively.

Of course, I also understand how to choose the materials I read. Searching for different topics also requires the selection of professional academic articles, as such resources are more convincing to use. This subject is beneficial to me, not only in writing but also in finding and reading materials. For example, I know how to write a paper more rigorously, from format to citation. Then the richness of the content and the conciseness of the arguments. I think the more important part of this course is to make me a critical thinker.

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally and understand the logical connection between ideas. Critical thinking can be described as the ability to participate in reflection and independent thinking. In essence, critical thinking requires you to use your reasoning skills. It is an active learner and not a passive recipient of information. Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accept them on the surface. They always try to determine these ideas, whether the arguments and findings represent the whole situation, and are willing to discover that they are not. Critical thinkers will systematically identify, analyze, and solve problems, not through intuition or instinct.

Regarding my article, I found that the first draft and the final paper I modified many places. Sometimes it’s all about editing the content. After passing through the professor, I always found the problem in the article from his feedback. I also have uncertainty in the choice of theme. The topic of cloning is too broad, and I will not be able to choose between animal cloning and human cloning. When I select an issue, there will be problems in the choice of examples. The examples are not representative.

Regarding the choice of resources, this is also difficult, because their professionalism is not reliable, and they can only selectively access some easy-to-understand articles. The use of chart information makes my article more powerful. Because some of the histograms have been used for pie charts, the data in the examples are more explicit. Readers can easily understand what I want to say when I look at the table. The flow of cloning has been explained more intuitively using some flow charts. From the feedback of my classmates, I modified the chart. Mainly concerning layout, the structure is more comfortable to look at, and it is more convenient to read.

Based on the challenges I have encountered and the difficulties I have experienced, I suggest choosing the students of Professor Marx to do the following. First of all, make a good choice of the theme, do not easily pick because of your interest, but also consider the difficulty of the subject. Second, prepare for access to information and use academic articles as much as possible. Finally, please don’t forget to get feedback from the professor and it is essential to communicate your ideas to the professor on time.

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