I remember hearing about the bike race for the first time and knowing that I wanted to be part of the action.  I love sports photography and my dream is to be able to take photos of big sporting events like the Superbowl or the Olympics because of what a challenge it is and how many precious moments can be caught that people may not have seen otherwise.

How was I going to be able to get the kind of shots I hoped to get?  Was the crowd going to be overwhelming?  Would I need to contact someone for permission?  How was this going to work?

I remember getting the email to apply to the RTD internship and I knew that this would be my chance to get a pass, build my portfolio, make connections and get some great shots of the race with some direction from the RTD photo editor, James Wallace.

James took myself and my fellow photographer, Travis, under his wing leading up to the bike race and the week of.  He sent us frequent emails and text messages to guide us in the process and ensure that we were ready to go out each day and produce great photos.

We were each assigned an area of the course and toward the end we would walk down toward the end of the race, conveniently located near the RTD office, to edit and turn in our work.  Every day was the same, but every day looked and felt different at the race.

Being an advertising major at VCU, I want to expand my interests and knowledge about events and different backgrounds as well as my skills in photography and other media-related things.  This bike race internship was the perfect opportunity for me to do so and I am grateful to have been a part of it.