Back to Basics: Starting a stacked bar chart in D3

This week the theme is simplify, simplify, simplify. One of my past professors used to tell me I had a propensity to get “lost in the weeds” with my work; I get so fixated on the minutia of my projects that I forget to think about the big picture. This is a habit I seem to have carried over into my data visualizations; I see some cool niche functionality and get so fixated that it eats up all of my time. To abet this, I wanted to take it back to basics this week with a stacked bar chart.

The data I’m going to be using comes from a study of current and former vegans and vegetarians conducted by Faunalytics. Specifically, two variables stand out that I would like to visualize; the first is the respondents status as either current or former vegan/vegetarian, and the second is a battery of reasons for deciding to abstain from meat consumption (health, animal rights, environmentalism, advice from peers, etc.). The original researchers seemed primarily interested in vegan recidivism and why most vegans relapse with this study, but I think these data points present interesting findings in regards to how vegan/vegetarian groups could structure their outreach to get the most people to try vegan/vegetarian dieting.

To visualize responses and how they vary between the main respondent groups, I am going to create a stacked bar chart with each category represented by a different color. D3’s author, Michael Bostock, has a handy sample of such a visualization here. I have three, short term goals I want to address this week:

  • Drawing the chart using data parsed from the original csv dataset
  • Tooltips on hover to show specific response rates for each group on each variable
  • A legend generated using SVG’s, similar to Bostock’s example.

D3 has some interesting animation and onclick/onhover functions that would be cool to apply later down the line, such as those seen inĀ this example. There’s also some functionality to add gradient effects and append images to svg’s, however for now I’m going to try to leave that pandora’s box closed.


Austin Round


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