SoH Blog #1- SPR 18

I signed up for SoH course this semester so I can develop a better understanding of how and why happiness in humans and animals works. So far, the course is really interesting. One of my favorite topics we have discussed so far was on anxiety and panic attacks.  I was first introduced to anxiety and panic attacks when my mother began suffering from them.  In 2012, my family and I were going through financial times and my mother was extremely stressed out and overwhelmed. Because of this, my mother was required to take medication in addition to her high blood pressure medication, which she had been taking before I was born.  The first time  I seen my mother have one of her many episodes was when she was getting her hair washed in a salon. When she was in the process of laying her head back, she began to panic and wanted to be removed from the sink. I have never seen fear in my mother’s eyes before and I could not understand why or what was scaring her.  To keep her calm, I had to hold her hand and talk to her as she was getting her hair washed.  She was holding my hands extremely tight and telling me to not let her go. Learning more about panic attacks and anxiety from Dr. Sood was well needed. Thought I have been able to help her through it, I enjoy finding ways to improve her health and make her stronger again.

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