What has been your experience with LMSs as a learner? How have they helped (if they have)? Do you envision using one in your future career, why or why not?

Most, if not all, of my experience as a learner throughout K-12 and college, has been with the LMS, Blackboard. That experience has been great for the most part for me but I recognize that it has been trouble for a lot of others.  I have been blessed with the ability to work better with technology than without so the Blackboard system came easy to me and was great to navigate. So I have found myself helping peers either access, navigate, or utilize Blackboard. This helped me understand that it is not as user-friendly as I had first thought.

I do envision myself using an LMS just for the sheer convenience over anything else. The ability for students to be able to access lessons, worksheets, forms for parents all to be uploaded and downloaded in one simple location.  Not only that but the ability to record grades for instant parental knowledge of progress and even communication outside of the classroom for parents and students are all resources given by LMS. I can only imagine how difficult the managing of a classroom would be without these systems and I am glad I will have the opportunity to learn, use, and grow with them in my career.