SOL: 3.9 The student will investigate and understand the water cycle and its relationship to life on Earth.


Students will use google classroom with their computers to complete the lesson.
Students will work independently to watch the video and use the resources to help identify the properties of the water cycle. With this independent assignment, students are able to learn SOL tasks without face to face instruction from the teacher.

Not knowing the meanings and importance of the water cycle. The video will help the water cycle come to life as opposed to seeing it in a text. The worksheet and will reinforce what is learned, while the short answer questions will assess the quality of learning.

Google classroom allows students to access information at their convenience.
Students are able to see an animation video of the water cycle as opposed to a lecture while still receiving the same necessary content.
The technology allows the students to learn the content conveniently as many times as needed to comprehend.

Possible bridges of learning:

Experiments in the household to creat the forms or the cycle.

Class code