Content: 3.5 Students will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text and poetry.


Given a classroom twitter (teacher facilitated) based around fictional text and poetry, the students will be able to pick a text from the twitter account and distinguish the main idea and tell why it’s meaningful to them. The focus is on them being able to find the main idea and realize what it is.


Assessment: Students will choose a text or poem of their liking from the twitter account; they will retweet with a comment using the class hashtag while answering the objective. They also will have an option to share their own text/poem on Twitter. All of their responses will be able to be viewed through the specific hashtag. This assessment is to see where students are in reading comprehension. If students struggle the teacher will follow up in class if the students achieve then the teacher can expand on the lesson further with the students now having the base knowledge.



Pedagogy: Social Interaction (outside classroom whole group discussion)



Technology: Twitter