There are quite a few overlaps when looking at the resources from and the Virginia computer standards. I focused on the third-grade portion of both lessons to compare.  The lesson on has students learn about algorithms, looping, conditionals, and events. This overlaps with SOL 3.1 which focuses on algorithms and SOL 3.3 which has teachers go over loops.  While these standards are required they do not come without the difficulty of integration into the classroom.  An example of a challenge is the supplies in the school or funding which can hinder what is available to be used as resources for learning.  Another challenge can be teachers and students learning about technology at the same time. This can create an unstable lesson plan and possible chaos in the classroom. After using the Spheros in class I can see how students who were not technologically inclined struggled with using the program. This can only make me think of the struggles and teacher who has been in place for many years struggling or being negative with adding this into their lesson plan.

The Spheros overall is a great introduction medium for block coding which I am excited to integrate into my future classroom. So excited in fact that I have purchased my own BB8 Sphero to practice and play with at home.