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Possible Online Learning Activities for Leadership Module

While I think almost all of the activities could be used in my module, I had a few in mind from the list but was also intrigued to see a few that piqued my interest.  I did a bit more exploring in regards to Online Concept Mapping and Social Bookmarking. I liked the pedagogy involved in both of these tools as it allowed for a great deal of student ownership.  In my “regular classroom”


I have my students to a biography case study in leadership, so I had this in mind for the leadership module- I think the ability to find video of their leader might be cool The case study examples will add a great deal by way of content examples for each of the various types of leadership sets the students can chose to work through as the module.


I played around with which was ridiculously user friendly and might be cool to let the students develop their own personalized leadership concept map.  Below is one I quickly created of my evolving vision for my module


I would love to see the students develop an ePortfolio of items they connect with as they move through the module.  The students will be asked to reflect on a personal leadership experience in an icebreaker at the beginning of the module.


As the students work through the module, they will be asked to do some problem analysis – so I feel like this may fit the problem solving activity set. The concept mapping, e-portfolio and social bookmarking, will all be skill building for the students I think and introduce them to new technologies.  All of the social media forums allow the kids to really see plenty of examples of good and bad leadership and be reflective about what they see.

I think like much of what we see online— there is no lack of options– what remains the central difficulty of all good teaching is to present and synthesize the content in a way that is accessible, informative and engaging for every student.

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