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SRL inclusion in a Leadership Skill set module

The reading and particularly the Forethought/Performance and Self-Reflection Phase chart all definitely related to materials/concepts inside of my Leadership Module.  The nature of my module and the desire to have students think deeply about their own leadership experiences and skills pairs very well with the idea that some Self-Regulated Learning skills can be emphasized inside of the lessons of this Leadership module.  I think that the nature of the lesson itself requires the student to think about self-regulation on a variety of fronts and not just by way of learning but in terms of leadership and self-discipline.  The goal of the lesson is to have the students be able to articulate a meaningful self-definition of leadership and get a sense of the skills necessary to make that definition operational.  It will be addressed in a variety of ways. First, the students will take a leadership self-assessment which will provide them an individualized report of how they fit along 6 leadership styles.  The students will also throughout the module have the opportunity to select vignette’s on a variety of leadership fronts to study that will allow them to hopefully find a leadership style to study that will be relevant and interesting to them.


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  1. I agree that the nature of your module itself should encourage SRL. As the students move throughout the module I believe they will naturally be motivated to continue to discover more about their own leadership styles and how they compare to other leaders. I believe the more students are interested in the content they are studying the more motivated they will become to be successful, there for leading to more autonomy and self directed learning.

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