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Module Update

I am continuing to search out good sources on leadership and usable video clips to partition into the folders.  I am still struggling with how the final piece/assessment should be accomplished, as the traditional classroom teacher in me feels like a class roundtable would be highly beneficial but want to stay in line with the ONLINE aspect of this module.  I feel like the dialogue would be most beneficial and authentic in a classroom setting so the final part may mean that this module takes a blended form with most being online and self-guided but the final part being face to face.  I am still deliberating how to make it all look pretty but that may have some limitations because of the way schoology works.  I have used/tested the rubric on my honors kid and love how easy it is to grade their work using it- the only limitation is that it is difficult to be flexible in point assignment – I am assessing on a total of 200 points but the rubric needed to include 230 points-  so that is what shows when the kids are graded which tends to confuse them.  I am excited with how the pieces are testing out with my kids at this point.  The big struggle is reining in the content as there is a lot out there to draw on.

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