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MOOC’s Revisited

  1. How do MOOCs fit in what we have learned so far?  I have to say I am personally fascinated by the possibility of exploring MOOC’s and professionally daunted by the thought of ever having to administer one.  I think they must certainly open up the world intellectually in many ways- but admit to my skepticism on how they would fit into a university’s program of structured learning and how learning is verified/assessed.
  2. The articles point to constructivism, connectivism and other theories, but what is your take on where this technology fits into the theory that we have discussed in this class? For what we are required to do in a K-12 setting I can see having students be aware of and avenues open to MOOC’s as an additional option in a class but don’t know how they would fit in terms of meeting the expectations that are at this point so heavily driven by SOL’s and standardized tests.
  3. Do you feel MOOCs have a place in K12 online learning in ANY capacity?  I do think they absolutely do– particularly I can think of gifted students and a number of non-Traditional learners who would have felt like they were at a smorgasboard if a MOOC had been readily available to them.  I can also see how introducing the depth and breadth of  content possibility to students who don’t find much of interest in a traditional class could be very freeing for those students.
  4. Do you feel that your Module could be transformed into a MOOC? Are there elements of MOOCS that could be incorporated? Why or why not?  I do think my module actually could work as a MOOC and am actually trying to work out a meet-up/conversation with a CEO whose company sponsors work in Leadership for students. So I am pretty excited about that.
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