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Module Final

  • What did you accomplish for your final project?  I was able to put together a leadership module that had students analyze various styles of leadership in order to develop their own definition.
  • What feedback would you appreciate from your colleagues and me? Would love to know if it all Flows nicely and makes sense as a lesson.
  • What did you learn in the process of developing this project?  I learned that there is a LOT of material to glean through online in order to put a project like this together and it might not ever feel complete.
  • How should I evaluate your project? According to this criteria, how would you evaluate your final project? I would evaluate it on how well I was able to put together a cohesive online experience that also allowed for some individualized learning opportunities for each student.

One Comment

  1. Your learning outcomes:

    My goal for these lessons is to inspire the student to think about leadership, analyze some of the types of leadership they have experienced and to hopefully develop a framework and filter for integrating strong and ETHICAL leadership skills into their life.

    My feedback:

    In the main folder you have a lesson 2, but no lesson 1. You want students to come into the main folder and instantly get a fairly clear idea of what this module is about. Consider making a lesson 1, giving it a title that conveys the content. You may also want to convey to students the learning outcomes.

    Your “The Definition of Leadership” is really an overview of the module (or lesson). I would call it that or something like that. So students know what it is. I like how you hyperlink inside of that document, but I wasn’t sure if I should do the assignments or use the back button and come back to the older and do the assignments.

    I like the opening discussion prompt. I think the rubric could be improved however. What exactly constitutes “excellent”? Effective rubrics will detail out exactly what the student should produce to meet the criteria.

    I wasn’t able to get into “Power quotes”.

    The leadership self assessment link just brought me to a book advertisement

    In lesson 2 – You provide “Leadership Links” in a Word Document. Do you have a reason of doing that? If not I would provide them just in a schoology folder. Downloading a word doc is just one extra step. Same for the excel document.

    Your link to “bring on the female superheroes brought men to an evernote link, which i then had to click to get to a TED talks link. You should link directly to where students need to go with one click.

    In lesson 2 – You request them to possibly do a mind map but you do not provide instructions on how to do this.

    In the Leadership project, you provide a lot of information in Word Docs, if you don’t have a specific reason for doing this, I would make this information available just as text in a folder.

    This is a really nice start, I hope you continue to refine this module and implement it.

    Have a great holiday!

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