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  1. Did you achieve each of these learning goals? To what degree? In what goal, did you experience the most change?
    1. Demonstrate effective electronic communication methods for instructions in the K-12 environment.  – I used a number of these already but it was very interesting to learn about Feedly and to see how it worked-it has helped me uncover some interesting articles.  
  2. Reflect on both historical and conceptual foundations of eLearning as well as current research and standards for online/blended course design/facilitation and articulate a personal philosophy of practice in these areas.  Well there was certainly a lot to digest in this category– and I think it will be a field constantly in evolution as new technologies will continue to change and impact how instruction is both delivered and needs to be delivered to fit our students’ learning styles.  I through both this class and having taught a few online classes feel strongly that it is important to let students have a variety of ways to access and process information but most importantly it is vitally important to articulate and work diligently to create and maintain an individualized relationship with each student. 
    1. Demonstrate effective virtual systematic instructional design through the development of a virtual learning environment.  Definitely learned a few things– would love to know a LOT more– but I am guessing that may come in continuing courses in this program???
    1. Describe how emerging technologies are impacting virtual teaching and learning. They are changing how we learn and the relationship between students and teachers.  In some cases it is allowing student’s to demonstrate a voice that isn’t heard in a traditional class and in other ways it is widening the distance between students and teachers
  3. What activities were most effective in helping you achieve these goals, and which were least effective? Some of the readings were not as fit to the goal but I enjoyed being able to “stalk” around a few distance websites for some good ideas.
  4. Which goals could be better met? How could they be better met? I think just the goal on designing, but I recognize that it likely comes later in other courses.
  5. Which learning activities were most effective and which were least effective? Most were fairly effective but again some of the readings were snooze worth.
  6. Anything else that will help me improve this course? I think the class was well fit  and manageable and appreciate your flexibility in recognizing that we were all working professionals and you tailored activities to something that would be usable to us in our classes.
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