I certainly feel like I’ve learned more about the foundations of eLearning and how to apply them to any learning audience, adult or otherwise.  I also found it interesting how theories like connectivism, in my opinion, relate to social cognitive theories and constructionism/constructivism found in physical, maker space environments.  I’ve found this course most beneficial in that regard; trying to develop a better connection between physical making environments and the potential for online making modules. I think this is certainly still a work in progress but it’s helped me to begin to develop/organize my thinking.

I like the use of blogs for reflection on readings and other media.  I also like the use of an over-arching project (module development) and have found that very beneficial to actually applying what we’ve learned during this course.  It’s a bit harder to time manage a project like this in an online setting, but that’s a personal issue of time-management, nothing else.

I don’t know if the use of Twitter was necessary for this course.  I understand the importance of introducing different platforms/technologies, especially ones that many people are already using, but personally, I didn’t feel like twitter added much. Again, this could just be my luddite tendencies (weird when I work with so much tech) but I find it difficult to jump between different platforms and apps and would prefer to focus on developing skills on one platform (I feel WAY more comfortable with Rampages now).

I really enjoyed working with all of you!  Thanks for a great summer and good luck to everyone moving forward!